4 Best Toilet Aids to wipe front to back with short arms [2021]

Want to Wipe Front to Back but Your arms are too Short? What to Do?


Bottom Buddy

bottom buddy

-Holds Tissue
-Holds Wet Wipes
No Shaver or Length Extender
-No Travel Bag
-Measures 11 inches long
-Below $40


Freedom wand and Bathroom Toilet aid

freedom wand australia

-Holds tissue
-Holds Wet Wipes
-Can be used for washing
-Can be used for ointment application
-Has shaver and length extender
-Measures 21 inches
-Below $60


Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy

-Holds Tissue
-Holds Wet Wipes
-No shaver or Length Extender
-Measure 20 inches
-Comes with caddy for storage
-Below $30

According to medical practitioners, the healthiest way to wipe your butt after relieving yourself is from front to back. While this is not so much emphasized for men to wipe this way, women are categorically advised to start doing so as early as when they start using the potty. This is because, their urethra is in close proximity with the butt hole and as such, fecal material might get into their vagina if they were to wipe from back to front.

This can cause urinary tract infections which no woman in her right sense wants to get. Now the problem sets in when you want to wipe this way but have somehow shrunken arms. In this post, we look at tools that you can use so as to wipe even when your arms are rather short. In so doing, we will have answered the question how to wipe front to back with short arms.

Wiping from front to back also ensures that bacteria that should stay in the anus stays there and does not spread to your urinary tract. “The rectum and the anus have a lot of bacteria that are normal for the bowel to have but are not normal for other organs to be exposed to” says Sarah Tagwood, assistant professor  of obsterics and gynecology to Self.

Sarah Tagwood goes on to explain that bacteria such as E.Coli stays comfortably in the rectum and anus and has no harm on those parts but would really be harmful when they get into contact with other parts of the body.

Wiping aids to Use when Your Arms are Too Short Yet you have to wipe front to back

If you are reading this to know how to wipe front to back with short arms, then you should know that there are devices to help you wipe bottom even when you have short arms, are obese or handicapped.

  1. The Freedom wand

The freedom wand is my favorite wiping aid tool since it is long enough as well as multipurpose; you can use it for wiping, shaving, applying ointment as well as washing. Measuring 21 inches, with a release grip, the tool helps you wipe your bum with ease without having to soil your arms or asking another person to help you wipe.

When my wife was heavy with child, I got her the freedom wand and it proved invaluable in helping her wipe herself from front to back even though it seemed impossible owing to the large bump at the front and her arms that seemed to have grown shorter due to the big belly protrusion.

2. The Bottom Buddy

The bottom buddy has for long been used by people with obesity especially in Australia who find it that they are not able to reach their perianal area since their arms seem shorter owing to the extra weight.

3. The Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy

Durable and with a caddy to hold, the juvo toilet aid is one of the cheapest butt wipers that money can buy. But do not be deceived by the low cost as to think that it is ineffective. No, the juvo is highly effective, gentle on your bottom and will last for a long time.

4. Use a Bidet Toilet Seat

Other than using hand extension tools, one could also use a bidet that will wash off stool from their butt. What I love about the bidet is that it leaves you fresh and clean. You are not left with any skidmarks and it is equally cheaper in the long term since you will not be using so much toilet paper.

I have reviewed two types of bidet; one is a cheap travel bidet that is good for when you are camping or maybe you are a newbie when it comes to washing off your butt. The other is a bidet toilet seat attachment which I highly recommend for handicapped people who would want to be as hygienic as ever.

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