Portable Bidet and Washmate Review 2019

If you are looking for the best and least expensive portable bidet for your toilet, then we have some good news because after scouring Amazon, ebay, Target, Walmart and a whole ton of online stores we have found the portable bidet and washmate that is not only inexpensive but will surely leave your bum refreshed.

Last update was on: May 7, 2024 8:43 pm

Why the heck would one need a bidet you might be wondering.

Well, we asked a bidet using American this question and he had this to say, “Once you use a bidet, you will never go back to toilet paper”.

Why a Bidet instead of the good old toilet paper?

Let’s face it, using toilet paper to wipe your bum after emptying your bowels has never been a cool or even intelligent thing. For one, toilet paper has never been known to really clean your bum, has it? It will always leave you with skidmarks and a bad fecal odor which you are not so proud of.

So unless you are using some toilet paper moistener, then do not use dry toilet paper.

Two, toilet paper has been found to be a leading cause of UTI for women. Anytime a woman uses low quality toilet paper and makes the mistake of wiping back to front instead of the other way, she is highly likely to drag bacteria such as E.Coli to her vagina and things never get any good when such a thing happens. She will experience pain while peeing, will have bad-looking and smelly discharge and will have trouble having intercourse. To get better, she will have to take some meds as well as sit on the sitz bath to soothe her va-jay-jay.

Toilet paper will always leave your perianal area dirty and since you want to make sure that everything is super good, you might be tempted to exert too much pressure and this will only causes bruises and anal fissures. Who really wants that?


So as to avoid all these complications, most people have been looking for alternatives. One is using biodegradable wet wipes which have discussed in depth in this post. Another option is using wet wash clothes although most people say that it is unhygienic to do so and it also does not sound so much 21st century.

The other option, and Muslims have always been on the forefront in advocating it is using bidets; bet they be fixed on your toilet seat or portable so that you can even carry it while travelling.

Okay, so today we review the portable bidet and washmate which everyone is praising for not only being effective but also light-weight and cheap.

portable bidet and washmate

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Features of the portable bidet and washmate

  • It is extra-long measuring about 9 inches and therefore good even when you have too short arms and therefore not able to reach your bum
  • Small in size and lightweight so that you can easily shove it in your bag and travel with it assured that the hygiene of your bum is well taken care of.
  • It can hold up about 1 cup of water which would be sufficient for one toilet visit

Who should use the portable bidet and washmate?

  • Anyone who has had hip replacement, knee replacement or back surgery and have trouble reaching their bum
  • Anyone who feels that using water is better in cleaning their bum as opposed to using toilet paper that does not do a very good job cleaning your butt.
  • Pregnant mothers who are unable to reach their bum
  • Bariatric, elderly and handicapped people who might be having trouble reaching their bums since it feels as though their arms are too short.

What could do with some improvements?

  • They could increase the size so that it holds more water
  • They need to have the bottle having better grip
  • I feel that the nozzle could do with extra length from the 9 inches we currently have

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Bidets

What is a Portable Bidet

A portable bidet, also known as travel bidet or bidet bottle is a bidet in which instead of being attached to the toilet seat, it is usually designed in such a way that it can carry a small portion of water with retractable nozzles. The water is set to be enough for you after a bathroom routine. The bottle is set to be light so that you can carry it with you wherever you are going.

How to Use a Portable Bidet

  1. To use the bidet, fill the reservoir with cold or warm water.
  2. Screw on the lid and spray nozzle attachment.
  3. When you are ready to rinse yourself, put the bottle upside down and position the sprayer next to your bottom.
  4. Press the portable bidet gently to avoid a surprise shower on your body. 

How to wipe after a bidet?

If you are too busy to wait for some minutes to air dry, you can use a tiny bit of toilet paper or a reusable soft towel to pat yourself dry. You can also use air dryers to dry your butt after attending bathroom routines. With using bidets only part of the nether regions is wet so it is easier to dry. After that you can wash your hands with soap and dry with  a towel or a dryer. With that your bottoms and also your hands will be safe. 

Is it recommended for hemorrhoids?

Using a bidet can prevent further hemorrhoids and ease the pain you are feeling. If you are having hemorrhoids and go ahead to use toilet papers, you are going to worsen your health. A bidet will recover your health and also let go some of the pain at the same time. Keeping your bidet around will help avoid the reappearing of hemorrhoids and preventing you from straining while using the bathroom.   

Do I use hot or cold water for a bidet?

Temperature has very little to do with the cleaning, both hot and cold bidets can generally clean you well. There is a very little difference between the cold water bidet and hot water bidet. The hot water bidet leaves you with a clean feeling but that doesn’t mean that it is producing a cleanser skin. What matters is the pressure at which water is running as far as cleaning effectiveness is concerned.

Can a Bidet cause any harm?

A bidet can be beneficial if you have an anal crack; it will soothe your skin if you are having any discomfort and making your flesh feel better than using a toilet paper. With the use of toilet papers there is a higher risk of matter clogging the anal gland which can contribute to anal fistula. Using a bidet can prevent you from suffering from anal fistula before on can begin. Use of a bidet will also prevent you from anal itching and making you less likely to scratch.

Benefits of using a bidet

  1. When you use dry toilet papers, some residues are left and this makes you feel unclean. A bidet provides you with water which makes you clean and removes any residue left which removes the problem of endless wiping after bowel movement. 
  2. A bidet reduces the number of toilet papers needed which is of benefit to the environment. The bleaching process used in the manufacture of toilet papers is very harmful to human beings and the surroundings hence a bidet is friendly to the environment.
  3. A bidet will help reduce sewer clogs in your home, if there is presence of a drying feature then the rate of creating clogs will be 0% since there will be less of what that creates clogs. 

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