Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy

juvo toilet aid

Out of all the toilet wiping aids for elderly that I have listed in this blog, the juvo toilet aid has proved to be a favorite among amazon buyers who are looking for a wiping aid to help them do their toileting with ease and comfort.

The juvo toilet aid with caddy is a great buy for people with limited mobility, have short hands so that they are unable to reach, are recovering from a surgery, are arthritic or are pregnant mothers having difficulty wiping. Were it not for such toilet aids, they would have to rely on caregivers to help them wipe which is both an embarrassing as well as dignity-denying activity.

How to use the juvo toilet aid

how to use juvo toilet aid
  1. Roll out enough tissue paper on your opened palm and then crump it so that it can go into the juvo head.
  2. Place the tissue between the two halves of the juvo so that most of it sticks out
  3. When wiping, use either of the buttons for front or back wipe.
  4. After you are done, clean with soapy water and store in the caddy.

Here is a video on the usage

What we loved about the juvo toilet aid

  • Reaching a maximum of 20 inches, the juvo is clearly way better than the bottom buddy which can only reach 15 inches. Therefore, this product gives you more reach.
  • Comes with a storage caddy where the head is stored after use.
  • It was way more cheaper as compared to other similar products like the freedom wand
  • Can work from front or back depending on the way you use the acutator buttons
  • It has a comfortable firm grip where you hold it and is also gentle on your butt
  • It has a hold and release button for the tissue paper which it holds securely so that you can do your wiping with ease
  • With this product, our patients felt more relieved since they did not have to stoop so low in order to wipe.

What we did not like about it

  1. In comparison with the freedom wand, it has limited use. For example, you can not use the juvo to wash your back, shave your legs or apply ointment– all which are functionalities that can be achieved with the freedom wand.
  2. Cannot be used with adult wet wipes.
juvo toilet aid with caddy