Freedom Wands Reviews: Toilet tissue aid you need and where to buy it

Out of all the bottom wiping aids for obese people that I have reviewed, the freedom wand is my personal best. At the hospice where I work, I have had to ask the management to buy only freedom wands personal hygiene device because they are not only versatile but also hygienic and help maintain the person’s dignity since they do not have to call for help to wipe their butts and at the same time, they do not have to walk around stinking like hogs.

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As its name suggests, freedom wands give you freedom. One thing that I have noted about obese, handicapped and elderly is that they crave for freedom. It feels bad for someone to always be next to you when you want to bathe, eat, walk or even go to the toilet. With this wand though, these classes of people are able to get what they have been craving for–the freedom!

Who should use freedom wands tool?

Generally, anyone who has trouble reaching their bottom to wipe off the debris around the anal orifice because either of obesity, injuries or other physical deformities should get this toilet aid.

The freedom wand guys go ahead to list the following groups of people as candidates for their wiping aid tool:

  • Obese
  • Hip pain
  • Spinal injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Stroke
  • Paraplegia
  • Those who have gone through rotator cuff surgery

Features of this personal hygiene device

  • Made with polypropylene
  • Other than wiping your butt, the tool is great when you want to shave your intimate parts or legs–places that you would not be able to reach with your hands.
  • Comes with shaver, ointment pad and extender so that you can have a lengthy reach.
  • Good grip on toilet tissue paper and wet wipes
  • Comes with an easy to release button to hold and let go off tissue paper after use.
  • Comes with 6.5 inches head, 8 inches handle and 7 inches extender.
  • Comes with a bag for carrying around when you are on the move.


What I loved about it

The wand was able to hold washing sponge, ointment pad, shaver and butt wiping tissue or biodegradable wet wipes–this is a feature that you will never see with other self wipe tools.

It has the longest reach since it comes with a 6.5 inches head, 8 inches handle and 7 inches long extender. Again there is no other tool that can reach that far.

Good grip on whatever you place on the head and the release button is easy to use.

The bag is great when you want to carry the wand around.

The head was gentle soft, a thing that I was looking out for because I would never stand having my patients injured by a toilet wiping aid, would I?

What I did not like about it

Premium priced

Some customers complained that their freedom wands were weak and broke down after use for a short time.

How to use the toilet aid for butt wiping, shaving, ointment smearing and bathing

  1. Butt wiping

You can use the wand for wiping your bottom. So this is how you need to do it

  • Attach the wand head to the handle if 14 inches is good for you. If not, add the extender to achieve 21 inches
  • Use the head to attach enough rolls of tissue paper or wet wipes
  • Reach out to your butt orifice and wipe clean
  • Remove the head from the butt after you have wiped well
  • Direct the head towards the toilet hole and release the tissue/wipes by pressing the push button

2. For shaving

If you want to shave unreachable body parts such as the legs, the wand is still great for this.

  • Attach the head to the handle and if that is not enough, add the extender for extra length
  • Attach the shaver so that it is held by the four fingers of the head
  • Reach out to your feet and shave away the hair you want to.
  • After you are done, remove it from the feet and use the release button to release the shaver

3.Ointment smearing

If you want to smear oil on your intimate parts or legs, do the following:

  • Smear oil generously on your ointment pad
  • Hold the pad using the four fingers
  • Smear oil on the desired parts
  • Release the pad using the push button.


The wand can be used for scrubbing unreachable body parts like the back

  • Soap your body scrapping sponge generously
  • Hold the soaped sponge using the wand fingers.
  • Reach out your back and use pressure to scrub yourself
  • Release the sponge after use.

Where to buy the freedom wand toilet aid

The wand with its multipurpose 4 tools is readily available on amazon and even Walmart. Below is an image link that will take you where to buy the product.

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Testimonials I gathered from the hospice

After asking the management to get the freedom wand toilet aid tools and getting to have our patients use them for  a period of one week, I asked some of them to comment on how they found the wands. Were they any good for them? How would they recommend them to other people having reaching problems and this is what I got from them.

No more brown hands or a caregiver standing next to you like an infant

Before using the freedom wand, I hated being escorted to the toilet everytime by these young caregivers who seemed as though they were on attachment at the hospice. And so, I always insisted on going there alone. But since I went through some hip surgery and bending is such a tall order, I would barely reach my anus and would end up with brown filthy hands or worse off smelling after failing to wipe. Of course my dignity was at stake and therefore the freedom wand was a dream come true

George Wachiuri

Good for shaving

I love the freedom wand since other than using it with tissue, I can use it to scrape off hair growing on my feet which makes me seem as though am masculine. Before that, I had to buy creams or ask someone to help shave me off. Now, I do it on my own. Thanks for such a great product.

Alice Wambui

Great product but breaks easily

The only downside of the wand is that it breaks after a short while. It is somehow designed to just stop working after sometimes. Currently, I have used four after every two months, I ask for another. I do not know whether I use it wrongly or what is wrong. On the other hand, it is great for obese people like me who cannot reach their butts.

Trizah Wanja

Competent Reviews Done by Experts

I enjoy reading reviews done by hosiped because they are true and they always try the products before pushing them over to us. Every caregiver should delve to read these reviews

Hosiped made my caregiving bearable

Hosiped writers are experienced and they offer the best product review advice that I could ever think of. I was able to buy the Invacare electric bed for my father who got an accident and it must have been the best thing I ever bought for him. Caregiving got simpler with hosiped.

Annabel Waikwa

Got my Parkinson’s spoon and cup

I never knew that there are actually some utensils meant for people with tremors. I am 65 and have been fighting Parkinson’s for 5 years now. The tremors have reached a time when I cannot hold a cup or spoon steadily. Hosiped helped me get the right product after they did that article on utensils for tremors.

John Handel

Testimonials from Amazon

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 freedom wands

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