Diet for Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson’s patients may hate feeding due to the difficulty in swallowing and the tremors that are commonly a source of embarrassment for them. However, to maintain the general well being of a Parkinson’s patient, care-givers should strive to ensure a healthy and balanced diet is part of their daily routine. Diet does not reduce Parkinson’s … Read more

Thinking About Your Parkinson’s Patient? Buy them these Products

Adaptive Living Products for Parkinson’s Patients A Parkinson’s disease diagnosis completely changes the lives of an individual and those surrounding him or her. Below are some adaptive measures to improve the quality of life for patients: Adaptive Spoons The never ending tremors for a PD patient can make them loath feeding time. Pouring food all … Read more

Not Able to Write Because of Limited Dexterity? The Best Pens for disabled hands

We found the Thixotropic Super Big Fat Weighted pen to be the best fit for people battling with Parkinson’s, essential and Arthritis tremors. It has a big barrel with a rubber grip for easy holding and is also heavy so that you will indeed feel that you are holding onto something. [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/simple_list]