Now More than Ever, DitCH TISSUE PAPER!

Let me be honest.

For the longest time ever, I have been using tissue paper.

Not until I wore this pair of shorts with a white lining and nothing underneath.

I am diarrheaing.

And then I check my pair of shorts after sometimes.

It is really greasy.

shorts after using dry toilet paper


And then I have this bad stench that I have to put up with everytime I sit on the toilet seat.

I blame it all on my faithful use of tissue paper.

Because lets be honest.

It does not do the job right.

Currently, it is also costing an arm and a leg. The government seems to be overtaxing the damn thing.

Sometimes back, I would spend around $2 to get a 10 pack of toilex toilet paper.

Currently, the price has doubled. I have to cough an extra $2 to get my 10 pack.

Sometimes back, I thought I could circumvent this cost thingy by buying a different brand.

ditch tissue paper today
toilex toilet paper in my washroom

So, I went ahead and bought this Rosy pink brand.

But that thing was pretty bad. It didn’t do the job right.

Bits of paper would remain sticking on my cheeks.

Embarrassing much!

Are you in a similar position?

Well, toilet paper, lets agree doesn’t do the job really well.

It is a waste of money plus it creates havoc to our environment with the daily cutting of trees.

It could also cause chaffing, anal fissures and all sorts of UTIs.

You do not want that.

Alternatives to Toilet Paper I Now Recommend to you

Well, you can explore other options such as:

Adult Flushable Wipes

There are some really good brands of adult wet wipes that actually do disintegrate once you flush them.

You have to give them some good time to do so though.

Some guys came to Shark Tank and introduced these Dude wipes and I can say that the world has never been a better place!

dude wet wipes on the stores

Bidets and Bidet Toilet Seats

bidet toilet seat

I think this is the holy grail of wiping in a hygienic and effective way.

Yes, you might think that it is just the preserve of Mecca guys.

But lets be honest.

Bidet toilet seats do a really awesome job.

They are expensive, yes, to buy and maintain but I would rather you go the whole hog way and save in the long term.

Family cloths

They are rather disgusting by the way.

But what is more disgusting than this?

dirty pair of shorts because of using mere toliex tissue paper

If you do live alone and do not mind washing away your human waste, you can try these family cloths