Freedom Wand Australia: The Best Bottom Wiper For Obese Aussies

Obesity robs off your dignity when it comes to matters using the lavatory. Either you are not able to bend or after emptying your bowels, you find that you are unable to wipe your bottoms. So what do you do? Is there a tool to help you wipe? Thankfully, there is the freedom wand Australia which has been found to be effective, durable, versatile as well as user friendly.

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Features of the Freedom Wand Australia

The freedom wand Australia measures 21 inches, has finger-like projections to hold tissue paper or wet wipes and has a release button that you press on so as to release the soiled toilet paper once you are done wiping your bum. The freedom wand was designed by a woman who after going through a horrendous accident, broke her back and found out that she would not be able to wipe her bum with ease. She therefore designed a tool that would help her as well as anybody else out there who was having difficulties wiping their bottom.

How do obese Aussie's wipe their bottoms?

Other uses of the Freedom Wand Australia

  1. Washing Your Back

Other than wiping your bum, the wand can be used to wash your back. Say for example that you are finding it difficult to scrub your back. Do you need to call up someone to help you? No, they will be infringing into your bathroom privacy. With a freedom wand, you will be able to reach out using a loofah lathered with soap

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2. Applying Ointment

The wand can also be used in applying ointment on your body parts. Say for example that you want to apply ointment on your feet. As an obese Aussie, you will find that you are unable to do so because of the strain that it puts on your back plus your body is too big for you to flex your hands to the feet. With the wand though, you do not have to strain.

3. Shaving

The freedom wand can be used for shaving. Say for example that you want to shave off your legs. As an obese, you will not be able to bend. Why not use it to shave since all you need is attach your shaving equipment to the end of the finger-like projections.

Pros of the Freedom Wand

  • Versatile and wide range of uses such as wiping, shaving and applying ointment.
  • Measures 21 inches which is the longest you will see in a butt scrubber.
  • Durable material
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use

Cons of the Freedom Wand

  • Quite pricey