In this section, we discuss a very sensitive issue which most people are either too shy to discuss or lack the forum to discuss it.

Before I started working at the hospice, I never knew that elderly people could be having difficulty wiping their asses after visiting the toilet. But they do and unfortunately most of them want to keep it secret. I have one mantra, “If it is affecting you, talk about it.” So my advice to all those who might be having brown hands after visiting the toilet, have a bad odor after doing the biological activity is that they need not fear. They are not alone. So many people are having this type of difficulty and unless discussed, you will find that it continues eating into you.

Lets state the facts: Obese, handicapped, pregnant and people with short arms have difficulties wiping their butts and even when they do it, they leave debris behind which is not a cool thing. We look at the best ways to wipe your butt when you have trouble reaching the perineal area.

Personally, I have seen the efficacy of the freedom butt wand at the hospice where I work since this wand is not only able to help you with wiping but also bathing and shaving. In this blog, I therefore go ahead to review it as the best solution one can employ when they want toilet aids.

We will also be discussing  the best ways to wipe either through the use of toilet paper or wet wipes for adults that actually disintegrate.

Male Incontinence

Another issue that many people do not want to discuss is male incontinence. Men who wet their beds are afraid of discussing it openly. But no matter how hard they try to hide the issue, they cannot quite hide the fact that they stink the next day.


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