Buckingham Easywipe Vs Juvo Toilet Aid

We continue comparing our toileting aids for wiping. We will be looking at the Buckingham easywipe as well as the juvo toilet aid with caddy. Comparing Buckingham Easywipe vs Juvo Toilet Aid Just like what we did while comparing the juvo with the bottom buddy, we will be looking at the following factors: Length of … Read more

How to choose your toilet wiping aid

Morbidly obese people, disabled, elderly and those recovering from a hip surgery are going to face a challenge looking for the best wiping aid for their bums. And so, they will scour through the Internet looking for solutions since they do not have any at hand. Not to worry, because here at hosiped blog, we … Read more

Juvo Toilet Aid vs Bottom Buddy

When someone sees the large number of toilet aids that we have on our post reviewing them, they might be confused over which to buy and what to leave. We will therefore be comparing two of the most popular products at a time. Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy vs Bottom Buddy Today we will be … Read more

How to Wipe Your Bum with Two Broken Arms

We have looked at how mobidly obese, handicapped and elderly people (all with two arms) can wipe their bum using toileting aids. What we have not yet looked at so far is how people who have two broken arms can wipe their bottoms after a number two. Well, we are going to look at that … Read more

How do you dry yourself after using a bidet?

bidet fitted toilet for disabled unable to wipe bum

After using a bidet, you can dry off the wetness around your butt using a toilet paper. This however is not the best option since the toilet paper would get soggy and leave some lint around your bum. The other option is using dry washcloths. Again, this is not very acceptable with many people as … Read more

Heavy duty bidet toilet seat For Bariatrics

Normally, you will find that most bidet toilet seat systems have a maximum weight capacity of people weighing 300lbs. This is a good and high weight limit. But at the same time discriminative for people who might weigh above 400lbs. It simply means that they would not use those bidet systems. So for an extremely … Read more

Alpha ix hybrid bidet toilet seat

A housing contractor was the other day telling me that he advises his clients not to use bidets because the installations are cumbersome and expensive. And I was very perturbed because it seemed that he was not in touch with what is happening in his industry. Or maybe he had not heard of the alpha … Read more

Swash Bidet Toilet Seat

If you have been following this blog for sometimes, you by now know that we do not recommend wiping your bum with toilet paper. No, we have already looked at the downsides of doing this and found that wiping with toilet paper does not do the job well. You are left with skidmarks on your … Read more

Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat

If you are looking for a hygienic feminine superior wash after a number 2 in the toilet, then look no further from the alpha jx bidet toilet seat. Coming with nozzle oscillation, adjustable water temperature and a great warm dryer, you have the perfect bidet toilet seat that will take care of your toileting needs. … Read more