Jobar Long reach comfort wipe toilet aid review 2020

The manufacturers of jobar long reach comfort wipe toilet aid describe their product as an answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. And that is exactly what the product does. It helps obese, bariatric and handicapped patient reach their butt even when they have bending problems, have short hands or other complications that make reaching difficult.

jobar long reach comfort wipe


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Obese and bariatric patients find that reaching their bottoms after visiting the toilet is such a hard task. They therefore require bariatric wiping aid for obese so that they can maintain their hygiene, dignity and respect.

Before I discovered these aids, the patients we were taking care of at the hospice looked gloomy and mostly embarrassed since most had the energy to walk themselves to the toilets but they would have trouble wiping themselves after their number 1 and number 2s. Others were confined to wheelchairs and therefore using the best toilets for disabled but they still needed wiping aids.

This created a dense air of uneasiness since the caregivers had to clean them since they were stinking like all the time.

It is then that a friend told me about jobar long reach comfort wipe toilet aid and after a quick google search, I found so many wiping aids for our patients that I was spoilt for choice. Of course, we later settled on just one since it offers value for money, is long and does not bend or break easily and is comfortable to use by the patients.

Features of the Jobar long reach comfort wipe

The product measures 15.8 x 2 x 1.4 inches with the length being the one measuring 15.8inches

It weighs 4.8 ounces

It can hold both adult flushable wet wipes and tissue paper


Very cheap

Has a good length of 15.8 inches which will reach out where you couldn’t

Can be used with both wet wipes and tissue paper


Has a push button to easily release tissue or wipes


The handle breaks easily and as such you will only use it for a short time before complications start

You have to get a storage bag if you want it for travel

Usage of the item is limited to only wiping your butt but with the freedom wands you can also clean, shave and apply ointment

Wrap up on the long reach comfort wipe toilet aid

While this product might be cool for those on a low budget, it fails to meet our recommended standards since:

  1. It is not durable and you will buy so many within a short period of time. The juvo toilet aid is much better in durability.
  2. It breaks easily.


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Our recommended wiping aid tool is non other than the freedom wand which is cost friendly, durable and comes with three other tools ie.

  1. An ointment pad
  2. Shower loofah
  3. Wiping aid extender.

People who are looking out for long reach might also want to look for other toilet tools for disabled here.