Weighted Compression vest for autistic Adults and Toddlers

If you are looking for the best weighted compression vest for your autistic kid so that they can concentrate in class or stop fidgeting, then the Explorer’s compression jacket is the best fit. We loved it because it was not only effective in making the child calm but it is also trendy and cool looking.


Weighted compression vests are exactly what that word suggests. They are vests that provide a tight squeeze on the person wearing them such that they feel as though they are getting a perfect hug. These compression vests can be worn by children as well as adults of all ages who could be having autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, Parkinson’s or any other disorder that could be causing anxiety. Such people crave to feel wanted, loved and cared for. A hug therefore is appropriate and makes them feel wanted. But you do not want to hug them all day, do you? Well you can get them the weighted compression vests for adults and children to replace your hug. Other products that can serve the same effect are the weighted lap pads.


The Best Weighted Compression Vests for Adults and Children with ADHD, Parkinsons and Autism

After hearing rumors that weight does actually help with autism, reducing anxiety and stress in Parkinson’s patients, I decided to do some research into the same and I ended up finding that it is actually true. People living with PD and autism would really feel better if you gave them weighted blankets or weighted jackets. Weight or pressure makes one feel as though they are getting a hug.

A study on the effect of weighted blankets on people getting wisdom teeth removal showed that those who were wrapped in weighted blankets did not register as much pain and anxiety as those who were not with the weighted garments. Therefore getting some weighted vests for autistic adults and Parkinson’s patients would really help in reducing their anxiety and stress levels.

In this post therefore, I will be reviewing some of the best weighted compresssion vests for toddlers and adults when you want them to focus, get rid of anxiety or if they have ADHD. The vests make them fear as though they are getting a good bear hug everytime they wear it.

#1.Explorer’s Weighted Jacket for Children

When you and your kid are going out for a safari and you want them to be focused and avoid any form of anxieties brought about by ADHD, autism or other sensory issues, the explorer’s jacket is your best bet. With its removable weights, you can adjust just how much weight is on it by adding or removing the bean bag weights.

explorer's weighted jacket for kids

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The Explorer jacket is also cute and makes your kid look like a photographer taking cute snaps while you are out on your safari. It weighs 2lbs since it has four weights each at 1/4lbs and two 1/2 lbs.

The fabric is cottony soft and hugs your kid so lovingly so that they feel as if they are getting a bear hug from the jacket.

Features of the Explorer’s weighted jacket for kids

☻Weighs 2lbs

☻Khaki material which is cottony soft on the surface

☻Zipper at the front for easy removability

☻The bean bag weights can be added or removed.

☻Good for toddlers aged 2 years upto kids at age 12

#2.Denim Weighted Vest for Kids

When you have an autistic kid who wants to keep abreast with the fashion trends of their peers, then the denim weighted vest should be your pick since it is trendy and at the same time, the weights keep the kid focused and feel as though they are being hugged. As per their description, this fun and function wearable keeps the kid grounded and they are not likely to wiggle, fidget or be anxious about anything.

denim weighted vest for kids

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Features of the Denim Weighted vest

☻Comes with eight weights at the bottom though you can add more depending on needs and child’s age

☻Has a calming effect on the kid

☻Denim material which is highly durable and sturdy

☻Trendy jeans

#3. Blue Weighted Compression Vest For Adults and Toddlers

blue weighted compression vest extra large for adults

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Lets say that your kid is joining school for the first time. And he is super anxious and so are you. But since you are the parent and you have to put a strong face, you do not show it. You also want them to join school anyway because you know that it is for their own good. However, you have to beat off the anxiety written all over the kid’s face it being the first day when they are going to part with you for a whole day and be in a new environment of rules, bells and bullies. So you get them a blue weighted vest because it rhymes with the school uniform. Well, you just did the right thing for that kid since they will be strong the whole day and not show any signs of anxiety since they feel as though you are still giving them a tight squeeze throughout the day.

The blue weighted compression vest is not only for kids but can also be used by adults when they order the right size of large and x-large vests from Fun and Function.

Features of the Blue Weighted Compression Vest

☻Made of neoprene waterproof material

☻Comes in various sizes depending on what you want. If for kid, there are small sizes while adults have big sizes

☻Removable weights

☻Gives you focus and a calming effect

How Effective are the weighted compression vests

At first before I read on the effectiveness of weight on people who have ADHD, anxiety autism and Parkinson’s I thought that all I was reading was mere marketing gimmicks and therefore decided to try and buy the products. I had this patient who would not sleep at night, was having so much tremors and was at most times anxious as though he was waiting for something bad to just happen to him. So I administered the blue weighted compression vest. He is 60 years old and therefore had to order the extra large as that was what would fit him.

I was amazed by the results after one week. The patient said that he felt safer when wearing the vest. He also appeared calmer and even the way he interacted with the other patients as well as the caregivers at the elderly centre was remarkably different. These things do indeed work. When I asked him what was different, he said that it felt as though he was more needed when wearing the weighted vests. At other times, he felt somehow ‘naked’ and useless.

How Much Weight should your compression vest have?

Normally for children, the weighted compression vest should not weigh more than 10% of the kids weight. If it more than that, then it could have adverse effects on the child’s growth. It could also hurt their ankles, bones and joints which is something that you do not want happening.

For adults having autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and Parkinson’s, you also do not want them hurting their bones which are quite feeble, right? So you need to take a limit of 12% the person’s weight.

Research showing the importance of deep touch pressure (DTP)

The efficacy of weighted vests and blankets is one that has been rarely researched on. However, doctors, parents and occupational therapists continue insisting on how effective the compression vests are for ADHD, autistic and PD patients. A study to clear doubts on this topic showed that DTP indeed does reduce anxiety especially in people in the dental environment. Another study showed that weighted blankets indeed do make patients stable and reduces their blood pressure and electrodermal activity(EDA)


To further help your kid who has autism stop fidgeting, you can get them these sensory toys that help with their tactile needs.