Should Pregnant Mothers be using the Butt Wiping Tools?

Are you having difficulty wiping your bottom during pregnancy?

The following story was written by our physiotherapist Kelvin James.

Take it from here Kelvin James:

I never knew this; that pregnant mothers could be having difficulty wiping their butts after emptying their bowels.

However, after my wife was pregnant with our second-born son and she either kept in there for too long or came tired and a little bit frustrated after a visit to the washroom, it is then that it dawned on me; she was finding it a tough Olympic sport to wipe her butt.

After going to the toilet she also made sure to go to the tub and clean and I wondered whether she was remaining with some poop after bowel emptying.

pregnant moms have trouble reaching their butts

Let me admit this, it was kinda awkward to ask her what was amiss.

And even more awkward when she had to tell me that she was actually having difficulty reaching. It was as though her hands had shrunk.

And yes, they must have seemed to be shrinking because she was 6 months pregnant and the bump was so big. She clearly needed an extension arm to wipe her behind.

Always Wipe From Front to Back No matter how hard it seems

Initially before the bump, she would wipe her bottom from front to back. That is what they are all told ever since they were young girls.

That  a woman should wipe their butt from front to back to prevent their genitalia from getting UTIs and all bacterial infections from the faeces.

So here she was struggling to continue doing it even in her pregnancy but it was getting harder. The bump was soo big that getting to the front was a problem.

And so she thought about doing it from back to front. But was afraid of getting a UTI.

I had to help her out and so I ran across from one pregnancy store to the other looking for products that might help her out. I went to so many online forums and Googled alot to find among others, these wiping aids for pregnant women.

ZIME Pregnant Women Toilet Tissue Aid

I stumbled over the ZIme toilet aid for pregnant women.

It measures approximately 11 inches and is a good buy for pregnant women who find that they are unable to wipe from front to back during their expectancy.

The ZIME tool will help you do this with ease. You can use it with toilet paper, wet wipes, or even family cloths for poop.

ZIME Pregnant Women Toilet Tissue Aid
ZIME Pregnant Women Toilet Tissue Aid
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Unfortunately, the Zime pregnant women toilet tissue aid ain't that long. It measures only 11 inches and was only usable during the early months of pregnancy.

From the seventh month, I had to look for alternatives and that is when I decided on the freedom wand.

Freedom wand Tool

Since I had already started doing some reviews on these toileting items, I advised her to try the freedom wand tool with some cottonelle adult wipes since the ingredients are safe to use.

freedom wand for pregnant women
The Freedom wand Tool
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How to use the freedom wand to wipe your ass while pregnant

Why use the freedom wand for pregnant mothers having problems wiping their butts?

  1. The freedom wand tool is the longest tool that one can ever use. It comes with a head, a stretcher and tail. When all are connected together, they stretch out to a maximum length of 21 inches.
  2. The freedom wand tool can be used for many purposes be it for wiping your butt, shaving off parts you cannot reach or even bathing your back when you attach it to a shower loofah.
  3.  The freedom wand tool can be used with a tissue paper, flushable adult wet wipes or even a wash cloth. It can also hold an ointment pad when you want to apply ointments to unreachable parts of the body.
  4. It comes with a bag for easy portability and as such on is able to carry it with them even when they are travelling.

Can I use flushable wipes while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you need to maintain the highest level of hygiene especially in your intimate regions.

Unfortunately, wiping with toilet paper will never leave you quite clean. There will always be debris left.

And since you do not want to risk UTI at such a sensitive period, you would rather be using wet wipes or wet family cloths that will leave you flesh and well sanitized.

Below are some flushable wipes that you could use:

You could also get some mild intimate wash from amazon to use.

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