Weighted Lap Pads for Adults

We have already pointed out how effective weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia as well as weighted compression vests are for adults with ADHD, sensory processing disorder or autism. They are also great for people with dementia who are ever fidgeting and restless since they provide a calming effect on their bodies such that they are grounded, appear more restful and will not wiggle about. The weighted lap pads for adults can be used when you are travelling with the adult in your car and you do not want them to fidget throughout the journey. You could also use them on your dementia patients at home where you place it on their laps and they will be calmer without wandering or moving away from their seat.

In this post, we will review the best weighted lap pads for adults as well as look at a DIY way for people who are handy and have time to make the lap pads on their own.

Harkla Sensory weighted lap pad

When you want to have more relaxed car trips without your dementia or Parkinson’s patient wiggling and fidgeting about which could easily cause an accident, then you seriously need  to think of getting them a Harkla lap pad. The minky soft material on the lap pad provides a soothing effect on the patient combined with the weight on their laps that make them feel grounded and get a hug-like effect. Coming in a wide range of colors, the blue pad was my personal best with its dotted fabric.

Harkla are so good with their manufacturing of this 5 pound product that they give a lifetime guarantee so you are assured of the durability of this pad. Ideal for both adults and kids, this product will make your loved one pay more attention, desist from wandering around and have the feeling that you care and love them.

What we Loved about the Harkla lap pad

What we did not like about the Harkla lap pad

LakiKid Lap Pad

Other than provide a calming effect on autistic adults, the  LakiKid pad can also be used for cooling or walming effect depending on the prevailing weather conditions. When it is torrid hot in the summer, you can freeze your pad and use it to give you a cooling effect. During winter when bone-biting cold draughts are chilling everyone, your anxious patient does not have to put up with this, you can warm the pad and then place it on them. It is therefore versatile and will provide real value for your money.

It can be used by both adults and kids who have sensory processing disorder or suffering from anxiety.

What we liked about the Lakikid  weighted lap pad

What we did not like about the Lakikid pad

Double Minky sensory weighted pad

As the name suggests, the double minky lap pad is made of soft minky material that hugs your body giving you a calming effect. Looking through all the available weighted lap pads on amazon, this double minky must be one of the cheapest that you can get yet not comprising on product quality or functionality.

As you would expect from all the other lap pads, you still get a calming effect when you use the double minky. It is machine washable and can come in different colors depending on what hue you want.

What we loved about the Double Minky lap pad