Buckingham Easy wipe 2018 Review

I first heard of the Buckingham easy wipe toilet aid on This Morning TV show and I was fascinated by the name. Little did I know what it was or what use it would serve. After they explained that it is a toilet wiping aid for handicapped people, it is then that I knew that it would be of use at our hospice where we have handicapped and elderly people with difficulties keeping clean after visiting the toilet.

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 On use though, I learnt that all the hype that the guys had given it was just that—hype to market it. I would surely not say that it is the best product that your hard earned money can buy. At the moment, my favorite wiping aid tool remains as the freedom wand and that is why everyone at the hospice I work in has their wand for wiping their bottoms, shaving as well as washing unreachable. 

Features of the product

  • The easy wipe aid measures 15”
  • Foldable and comes with plastic cover for the head
  • Firm grip that holds the tissue or wet wipe

How to use the Buckingham easy wipe

  1. Attach some rolls of tissue paper or adult flushable wet wipes on the head of the Buckingham self-wipe.
  2. Pull the button to hold firmly
  3. Hold the handle and direct head to the orifice to wipe clean
  4. Do not exert too much pressure as it is easily broken.
  5. After cleaning, release the tissue paper using the push button.

What I liked about the Buckingham easy wipe

  • Lightweight
  • No need to have brown filthy hands again or asking the caregiver to help
  • Firm grip on tissue and wet wipe

What I did not like about the Buckingham toilet aid

  • Premium price. The juvo toilet aid with caddy is much more cheaper than this product
  • The prongs wear out with time
  • No bag for ease in portability
  • Too much pressure will break the easy wipe
  • There were complaints that the head is too big and would therefore be uncomfortable or not appropriate to be used by people with small orifices.

Wrap up on this self wipe toilet aid

Despite all the hype by the marketing guys , the buckingham self wipe toilet aid is not the best thing that money can buy. Though it has a premium price, I would rather buy another product since it is not durable. And you can only use it for that one purpose–wipe your butt after visiting the toilet.

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