Looking for Bottom Wiper Aid in Australia: The [BEST] Wiping Aid for Obese in Australia

Are you a plus sized Aussie facing trouble wiping your butt after emptying your bowels? Do you feel embarrassed that you are not able to get out of the toilet with dignity because there is a bad odor clinging to you? Worry not, because you are not alone and in this post, we will help you get out of your problem.

Wiping Aid for Obese In Australia

Bottom Wiper NameImageFeatures Purchase
Freedom Wand Australiafreedom wand australia--Can be used for wiping your bum.
--Can be used for shaving your legs
--You can use it for washing your back.
--Has release button to let go of soiled tissue
--Extends to 21 inches
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Bottom Buddy Australiabottom buddy tissue aid australia--Used for wiping your bum.
--Has soft tulips at the head to hold tissue.
--Extends to 11 inches
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Comfort Wipe Australiacomfort wipe for australians--Extends to 11 inches
--Ergonomic, comfortable and soft design to hold even for handicapped people
--Long enough to reach your anal area so as to wipe
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Buckingham easywipe bottom wiper Australiabuckingham pocket easywipe for aussies--Best for Travelling Aussies who might be having difficulty wiping their bums.
--Sleek design that is ergonomic and comfortable to use.
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When you are an obese Aussie, wiping your bum might prove to be a hard nut to crack. But worry not because with the freedom wand australia, bottom buddy australia and comfort wipe australia, you can will be spoilt for choice on what to use to wipe your bum. Here we go with our best bottom wipers.

Let’s face it, most Aussies are obese. In fact statistics show that over 67% of Aussies, that is two-thirds of the entire population, are overweight. You therefore need not feel alone in it. And you no longer need to feel embarrassed about your toileting problems when almost everyone else is facing the same trouble.

Obese people in Australia find it hard to wipe their butts after visiting the toilet since their hands are not able to reach their perineal areas. So they are frantically looking for wiping aid for obese in Australian online stores where they can buy the gadgets discretely and have a sigh of relief when the tools arrive at their doorsteps. In this post, we discuss some of the available bottom wiper aid Australia tools that they can use.

Fortunately, all these tools are available online on Amazon stores and so no matter where you are in Australia, be it Melbourne, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia or New South Wales, you can order for your butt wiper and it will be delivered to you by the efficient Amazon merchandisers.

The Freedom wand Australia

freedom wand australia

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The freedom wand is my most favorite tool since it is not only long but also versatile; you can use it to wipe your bum clean, shave your legs, and apply ointment to places where your hands cannot reach as well as use with a shower loofah to wash your back.

Extending to a maximum 21 inches, this butt wand is with no doubt the longest wiping aid that you can ever dream of. The handle is also sturdy with a tissue paper release button that you press on when you are done wiping and want to throw away the tissue paper or flushable wet wipe.

It also comes with a travel bag so that you can use it while on a road trip, camping or any other outdoor excursion without having to ask a caregiver to help you wipe and no one knowing what you are discretely carrying in the travel bag.

Features of the freedom wand Australia

  • 21 inches long
  • Has extensible parts depending on how long you want
  • Release button on the handle to release tissue, wipe or shaver.

What I loved about the freedom wand tool

  • Versatile since it can be used for four functions in one tool
  • Long enough measuring 21 inches so that you can reach with ease.

Comfort wipe Australia

comfort wipe australia

Buy Comfort Wipe from Amazon

The comfort wipe Australia is another of those wiping aid tools that you have been looking out for. Light in weight and ergonomically designed, the comfort wipe will be of help to all those having limited dexterity as well as trouble reaching their perianal areas and therefore not able to wipe really well.

Features of the Comfort Wipe Australia

  • Made of ABS plastic material that is easy to clean and durable
  • Measures 15” long
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
  • Light weight
  • Release grip to let go off toilet paper

Bottom buddy Australia

bottom buddy australia

Buy Bottom Buddy from Amazon

The bottom buddy is the most popular device to help you wipe bottom. As the name suggests, it has indeed proved to be a bosom buddy for obese, handicapped and elderly people who were having problems in wiping their bottom after emptying their bowels. But hope is finally here and they can now smile knowing that the bottom buddy Australia has them sorted out.

The bottom buddy Australia measures 11 inches which is long enough for obese people who might just need that extra 11 inches so as to reach their butts.

Just like the freedom wand, the bottom buddy also comes with a release button to let go of soiled toilet paper. Its head design is rather unique since it is soft and round so that it does not hurt your butt cheeks while wiping.

Features of the Bottom buddy

  • 11” long
  • Would not compare to toileting tongs that are rather clumsy
  • Comes with a discrete storage pouch and instructions on how to use
  • Round, soft head so as not to hurt your bum cheeks
  • Retractable tulip petals to hold the tissue paper or wet wipes securely

Buckingham easywipe bottom wiper Australia

buckingham easy wipe australia

Buy Buckingham Easywipe from Amazon

The buckingham easywipe bottom wiper australia is another of those toilet wiping aid for obese tools that you might have been looking for without finding in your local stores. It is long enough to help you reach your butt with ease. It has a sleek user friendly release button so that you can easily release the tissue paper or wet wipe after use into the toilet. The handle is ergonomically designed for handicapped as well as elderly people who might be having a problem gripping on anything.

Who should be using these bottom wiper aid Australia tools

  • Obese people who are not able to reach their bums
  • People who have just got their hip replacement sugeries and are therefore looking for comfortable toileting solutions that will not exert pressure or pain on their hips.
  • Those who have just had back surgery and are therefore not able to bend and have to use toilet seat risers in order to empty their bowels with ease will find that they are also not able to reach their butts to wipe themselves clean
  • Elderly people who have limited dexterity
  • Patients who are having mobility problems
  • Those whose arms are just too short that they cannot reach their butts

Toilet Hygiene tips for Obese Aussies

  • Make sure to wash hands after using the toilet.  The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has argued really well that washing hands after visiting the toilet eliminates germs and bacteria that might otherwise spread to other parts of the body or get tranferred when you shake hands with someone else.
  • Clean your butt wiping aid tool after use with a disinfectant
  • No two people should use one wiping aid tool
  • Use wet wipes as opposed to toilet paper since paper does not really clean your butt but wipes it into crevices and therefore for good practice, you need to use flushable wet wipes otherwise you will find yourself ever wiping your bum but never quiet cleans.
  • Do not rub your perianal area too much as it might cause irritation, anal fissures or even urinary tract infections.