How to Wipe Your Bum with Two Broken Arms

We have looked at how mobidly obese, handicapped and elderly people (all with two arms) can wipe their bum using toileting aids.

What we have not yet looked at so far is how people who have two broken arms can wipe their bottoms after a number two.

Well, we are going to look at that in this post.

So, lets dig into it.

Occupational therapists are going to map out assisted living ways in which a person who has no hand (either from an accident or was born that way) is going to cope.

For kids born with no arms, they might learn to live that way using their legs for eating, writing, bathing or even wiping their bums.

For a person who just had an accident and therefore lost their forelimbs, it is going to be too difficult to learn to use the legs.

You can never teach an old dog new tricks, can you?

Well, so how do such person with no arms wipe?

  • They ask help from their caregivers

One way that a person with no arm can function is to ask for caregiver help everytime they want to visit the toilet.

The caregiver would therefore be the one wiping them.

This however could present a myriad of challenges.

For one the patient if an elder to the caregiver might feel humiliated since the caregiver can see their nakedness.

Two, the caregiver, if not properly trained might feel bad everytime they have to escort the patient to the toilet.

  • They use smart bidet toilet seats

These bidet toilet seats use a smart technology so that by the press or touch of a button, the bidet will wash your bum. Since they have no hand, you might ask how they touch the control button, right?

Well, the bidet control in such a situation would be so sensitive such that even a nudge of an elbow or face would have it functioning.

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One could also have the bidet preset so that it detects when you are done and will therefore wash you.

After washing, you will need to dry, right?

Well, you need not worry because these bidet seats have an air dryer.

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