About Us

Hello and welcome to Hosiped where we talk everything about hospital beds, mattresses for hospital beds as well as hospital beds for home use. My name is Samson and I am a practicing physiotherapist who has worked with the elderly, invalids, given palliative care to patients in a hospice, muscular dystrophy children as well as injured people.

In my line of work, I have been asked severally to recommend the best hospital beds, mattresses, pillows for patients in need so that they can be comfortable both in the hospital as well as at home.

I have found out that people are clueless over the type of hospital beds that their sickly patients need. A good comfortable hospital bed is essential for the patient’s ergonomics as well as safety and the feel that they are still cared for. In my line of work, I have found out that patients actually deteriorate if not given the right bed. They also feel uncared for and as though they are a burden to you. This is not what you want them to feel, do you?

I believe that you want to show them that they are cared for and loved. You want them to sleep soundly and not wake up complaining that their backs are aching since this could make them stay for longer in the hospital.


In writing this review website, I am targeting you who is in the following groups

1.Are a medical practitioner or administrator working in a hospital and you feel clueless on choosing the best beds for your patients. Are a palliative care giver tending over patients/invalids at home or in the hospital

2.Are a patient yourself and need to know the best bed for you.

3.Parents who have muscular dystrophy kids and need the best beds for their comfort as well as for you not to be perturbed waking after every one hour in the wee hours of the night to turn them on their bed since they cannot.

4.Are taking care of the elderly or someone injured at home.

5.Are generally interested in finding about this important topic and want to pass word around about the existence of such an informative website

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