Factors to consider when buying toilet aids for obese, seniors and handicapped

Obese, handicapped and elderly people would want to know the factors that are going to guide them when they are looking for a toilet aid. Well, we look at them in this post:

  • Ergonomic

You want something that is comfortable which you will not find yourself straining while using, right?

It could be that you just had a hip or knee replacement and the doctor has advised you not to arch your back too much.

So, you will need something that is ergonomic and can reach your butt even when you are sitting on the toilet seat.

  • Extension length

Bariatric patients, those with short arms and seniors are looking for a toilet aid that is long enough so that they can be able to reach out their butts with ease without too much struggle.

So when you are looking for the ideal toilet wiping aid, you will be looking for one that offers longer length.

I would recommend the freedom wand which has been found to be a great length of 21 inches.

  • Soft head

You are putting the wiping aid in between your butt cheeks. That is a very sensitive spot in your perineum. So you want the wiping aid to be soft and not to hurt you.

For this to be possible, you will be looking for a device that has a soft head.

Now the bottom buddy has this renowned and patented tulip like head that is extra soft and gentle for your butt cheeks.

  • Hygienic

While I have found the bottom buddy, the freedom wand and the juvo toilet aid with caddy to be satisfactorily hygienic, I was not appealed by the toilet tongs.

They look a bit intrusive; something that I would cringe using. At the same time, you might have some mishaps when you touch your stool using them.

Other than wiping your bottom, you really would not mind having an aid that does something else on the side, would you?

Well, the freedom wand can act as a shower loofah, shaver and apply ointment on your hurt areas. So why not consider this versatility aspect of this device!

  • Good Grip

You want something that you can hold comfortably without slipping away. Well, I found the Etac Torkel tongs to have this loop which you hold onto easily even when you have limited dexterity.

  • Durability

You want something that is going to offer you value for the money. To get this, the toilet aid has to be durable so that once you buy one, you will not be looking for a replacement for a long time.

Luckily, all the toilet aids that we have used and reviewed on our blog last for long and so, they will offer you value for your money.

  • Pricing

If you can get a toilet aid going for $20 that offers the same value as that one going for $40, why not go for the cheaper one.

Because of this, we try as much as possible to compare the pricing points of our toilet aids while also looking at the store with the lowest price so that you can get value for your bucks.