Etac Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs [Review 2020]

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In our quest to get the best toilet aid for people with limited mobility as well as those who are obese and having a difficult time reaching their butts to wipe after a number 2, we looked at the bottom wiper by Torkel Etac.

Reviewing the Etac Toilet Paper Tongs

etac toilet paper tongs

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The Torkel Etac is a darling to many people with a bad back, have had a hip surgery replacement and those with rheumatism.


Well, it looks more like a toileting tong just like the Sammons Preston.

Honestly speaking before buying the Etac toilet paper tongs, I felt that people who have difficulty reaching their butts are looking for a soft aid, something more like the bottom buddy or the freedom wand. If it were me, I would not buy something in the shape of a tong because it looks intrusive and something that I would use in the kitchen, not in the toilet.

But hey, to each their own. From the stats on Ecommerce stores and the reviews, it shows that people are really buying this Etac toileting tongs.


So what are the features of the product?


The Etac toilet aid is made from polyamide plastic and measures 13 inches in length; it therefore acts as a good extension handle that allows you to reach your butt even when you were having difficulty in doing so.


How to use the Etac Torkel toilet paper tongs


Using the Etac torkel toilet paper tong is pretty easy. This is how you do it:

  1. Tear off enough toilet paper that will be held by the tongs as well as going round it
  2. Hold your toilet paper with the tong and wound it round
  3. Holding onto the loop, direct the edge with the toilet paper to your legs and wipe thoroughly
  4. Let go off the used toilet paper from the tongs and clean them up for later use.


Pros of the Etac Toileting Aid

  1. It is lightweight and so easy to use.
  2. It has a good loop for gripping onto for those with limited dexterity
  3. The Etac tool is made with polyamide plastic which is highly durable and will last for long. With proper use, you are assured to use it for a lifetime. That you need not go to the stores to buy another.
  4. It was retailing cheaply compared to other dear models like the freedom wand.
  5. It gives you a 13 inches extension which is something most bariatric patients would be looking for.

Cons of the Torkel Etac tong

  1. It can be a little bit messy for first time users where the plastic tongs touch your stool especially if you do not use enough toilet paper. You could also find yourself touching the soiled toilet paper when letting it go off the tongs.
  2. You will find yourself using lots of toilet paper so that some can be held by the tong while the other winds round it.

etac toilet paper tongs

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Bottomline and our take of the Torkel Etac toilet paper tool

As a wrap up, the Etac toileting tongs is still a great tool for those having difficulty wiping their bums.

Though at first we felt that it was not a good tool owing to the fact that it is a tong and looks metallic which would be intrusive and one would cringe at the thought of it near their butt, we found that it is indeed not made of metal but some high quality polyamide plastic that is durable and will provide true value for the money.