Why You Need to buy A Bidet Toilet Seat Now

When is a bidet toilet seat necessary?

I write this post when we are faced by the corona virus pandemic.

Since I am no expert in the topic I will say what everyone who is no medic is saying; that you stay home and wash hands—we shall survive. Anyway away from that, my writing is driven by what is happening to one commodity that has been hoarded by customers worldwide and ran out of your local stores: toilet paper.

Maybe you have been faced by the problem or better still you have read on your local dailies how stores have ran out of the product.

And I will not be telling you where to buy it because personally am someone who has never approved of toilet paper use.

For one, it never does the job really well. There will be skid marks on your underwear as well as whiff of bad odor on you after leaving the toilet.

I would rather be using other alternatives such as wipes or better still get a bidet toilet seat that is going to see you save lots of money.

Times like this when we have Corona Virus

So at times like this when we are being faced by a global pandemic, it is high time that you quit using toilet paper and started using bidet toilet seats or if you are on a low budget, you can do these small handheld portable bidets.

When you want to feel fresh and clean

Anytime you want to feel fresh and clean on your nether regions after doing a number 2 in the toilet, you should look to use a bidet toilet seat. For one, it is very comfortable and with the correct settings, it will clean your bum and dry it so nicely that you will feel fresh after the experience.


I do not say that you use a bidet toilet seat because we have run out of toilet paper. No, because it is a more hygienic way to clean your nether regions. Women will agree with me that during their menstruation periods that they would rather use water as opposed to toilet paper. Yes, during those periods of the month, you want to feel fresh and the only thing that can guarantee that is a bidet system, not loads of toilet paper.

Seniors who are unable to wipe well

Aged people as well as those having limited mobility will be unable to effectively use toilet paper since they might actually have difficulty reaching their perineum. In some cases, they have to rely on their caregivers to clean them up. But it infringes on their privacy and they lose self esteem. But with a bidet attachment, the person is able to use the toilet and clean themselves after use without needing anybody’s help.

When you want to save money and trees

We need to think about environment more. Every time you use toilet paper, you are contributing in a big way to deforestation. There are lots of trees that have to be cut every year to sustain our insatiable need for toilet paper.

Health conditions like hemorrhoids

When you have health conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures and UTI, you really do not want to use toilet paper as this could cause rashes, pain and discomfort. You want to use water that will soothe your perineum while at the same time thoroughly cleaning you.