How do fat People Wipe their butts after visiting the toilet

How do Obese Wipe themselves?

I never intended to answer this question since I believed that I had tried as much as possible to talk about it while discussing the wiping aid tools for obese people here but after seeing the question being asked constantly on a number of forums where I am a member of and the the sarcastic trolls that were used in attempting to answer it, I have decided to speak out. So how exactly do the morbidly obese people wipe their butts? By morbidly obese, I mean people who weigh over 450lbs and their bodies seem to be covered in layers of fat everywhere.

As you might have guessed, these fat people have trouble wiping their butts after a number 2 in the toilet. In fact bending and lowering their clothes so as to empty their bowels is quite a huge task. It is even worse when the fat person has just had a back surgery and is slowly recuperating. Or when they have seemingly tiny hands that are unable to reach the perineal area. But with some adaptive tools such as the toilet seat raiser with arms, then the bending does not have to be so painstaking.

They ask their caregivers to wipe them!

At most times, these obese people will have caregivers who will wipe their butts for them as well as clean them up after the visit to the toilet. This though is embarrassing as you might guess. You do not want a caregiver, be they related to you or not wiping your dirty ass, do you?

They use hand extension tools to wipe

Those who do not have caregivers are forced to use bidets or hand extensions that reach their butts such as the freedom wand. The cool thing about some of these gadgets such as the freedom wand is that they are able to grip toilet paper or adult wet wipe firmly so that you can then clean your butt up and once done, the wand has a release button which you press on to release the filthy wipe/tissue paper.

They walk around smelling and filthy

If the obese person does not settle for these options then they have to walk around smelling like a hog and with shit smeared all over their underwear which is indeed a disgusting thing.