Family Cloths for Poop: Wiping Your Butt with Reusable, Inexpensive, Eco Friendly Cloth Wipes

Why would anyone use family cloths for poop?

Let us agree on one thing, wiping your butt with toilet paper is not the best or hygienic thing that you should be doing. You should think of other alternatives say use flushable adult wipes or family cloths. In today’s post, we look at the advantages of using family cloths for poop.

Family cloths are cheap

For one using family cloths is inexpensive. In fact the proponents of frugal living use them because they argue that using toilet paper to wipe is like flushing money down the septic system. And I believe that is true. Toilet paper is expensive and you will have to continually replenish them every time you run out of them.


After using family cloth for poop, you only need to wash it with detergents and disinfectants, dry it in the sun and re-use it the next time you want to go for a number two in the washroom.

Family cloths are eco-friendly

Two, the use of toilet paper is not environmentally conscious. Come on, we are soon going to run out of trees if we continue using toilet paper as we are doing right now.

They do not clog your toilet

Since you will not be flushing the family cloths, you do not run the risk of blocking your sewerage system and getting in the wrong books of your municipal government. Low quality toilet paper or influshable wet wipes will however cause this.

Clean wipe

Use of family cloths guarantee you of a clean and flesh wipe. People who use family cloths first wash themselves with water from a bidet or the shower before they dub themselves dry. There are also those who use moisten the cloth before they go ahead to wipe their butts.

Natural, no chemicals

Some toilet paper have been found to contain BPA and BPS chemicals which could lead to all forms of complications. With family cloth for poop though, you need not worry of that since they are just pieces of cloth.


Most females will attest to the fact that using these family cloths as their pee cloths after urinating helps prevent against urinary tract infections. Low quality tissue paper though could see you getting infected time and time again.

Softer than toilet paper

Family cloths are definitely better on your butt because they are softer than your normal toilet paper. When using them, you are not likely to get anal fissures or irritations as you are likely to get with cheap, hard toilet paper.

Why not use family cloths: The disadvantages

Despite the merits of family cloths that we have listed above, there are also factors that make people look down upon them:

  1.  You will not give your guests the same family cloth that you use. You have to give them tissue paper since this is what they are used for.
  2. Lots of water will be used since you need to wash your butt every time before going ahead to dry with a family cloth.
  3. Ugly sights will be there in your bathroom when you have a dozen of unwashed family cloths.

How much family cloths do you need to keep you going

Everyone should have at least 5 clean family cloths so that when they are using two per day, three are clean and when they wash them by the end of the day, they still have 3 remaining to be used the next day. Nobody should use another person’s family cloth to wipe since this might lead to urinary tract infections as well as other health complications.

Best family cloths for poop on Amazon

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