6 Alternatives to Toilet Paper: What to Wipe with the Next time You Run out of TP

What to do When Toilet Paper Runs Out and You Need to Wipe Your Butt?

toilet paper run out

We have all been in that one awkward situation: when you run out of toilet paper and there is no conceivable way to get out of it. Say that it is 11.00 pm in the night and you get a long call of nature. So you rush to the toilet and empty your bowels. Just as you get done, you reach out to the place where you store your toilet paper and what, you get that you have none. There is nobody around to assist you with some spare. All local stores are closed and if anything, your butt is all browny with the residual fecal material hugging your perineal area.

Or maybe you are out camping with friends or family and you get a long call. As you fumble for some toilet paper in your camping bag, you realize that you forgot your rolls back home.How do you go about it?

In this article, we will be looking at available alternatives to toilet paper.While reading it, I am sure you will come across some alternatives that you have personally pursued and other new ones that you might want to try out the next time you run out of toilet paper at the oddest of hours.

  1. Wash with water and your left hand

For a very long time, Arabs have been going to the toilet with a jerrycan of water and most probably, you have been wondering what they do with the water. Well, they wash their bums with it. And they come out clean and flesh. No wonder they will never want to touch their left hands or even eat with it. Why, because it is chiefly for washing poop out of their butts.

So the next time, you run out of toilet paper, you might want to go the Arab way. Take some water with and use your left hand to wash away the fecal debris. Then after doing so, you will want to wash your hands with alot of soapy water and later use perfume to overpower the pungent smell on them.

2. Use wet wipes if there are any in the house

Before you start shouting your voice hoarse and calling out for people to help you with toilet paper, you need to check whether there are some wet wipes in the house. You might actually be having these flushable cottonelle wipes which is an alternative to toilet paper that I personally recommend. Other than the cottonelle adult wipes, there are also other best flushable wipes for septic system here.

3. Use old newspapers or old revision books that you are no longer using

When I was in college and I ran out of tissue paper, I would tear papers from my old revision books, rub the papers against each other until they became soft and would then proceed to use them as toilet paper.

Today, I have not yet run out of the habit. Since I no longer have revision books, I use old newspapers, rub the papers against each other and later use them to wipe my bum. The downside of this is that the papers might cause anal fissures if they are not rubbed to softness.

4. Bidet in hotels

If you are in a hotel and there maybe you have run out of tissue paper, use the bidet next to the toilet seat. If it is your first time, you will find it funny and even a little bit uncomfortable but you can be sure of a clean wash with the bidet.

  1. Look for soft leaves that could be growing around your home and use them

Back in the village when we were still small kids, our parents never bothered to buy tissue paper. And so we would use soft leaves to wipe our bums. The leaves had to be extra tender on our skins and we made sure that they had no stings on them.

  1. Reusable Family cloth wipes

While researching for content to write on this post, I bumped on a confession on Buzzfeed by this woman who would use family cloth wipes. She used the wipes to clean off pee but she said that there are other people who go ahead and use the family wipes for cleaning poop.

The cloth wipes are then washed after each use.

I found this to be a very interesting read since she said that she makes sure that the wipes are moist so as to leave her feeling flesh and clean. To be honest, I am currently using these family wipes and have found them to be way better than tissue paper which you use and find that poop is still there even after a thorough wipe.