DIY Tips: How to make your own flushable wet wipes at home

Making Your Own Wet Wipes at home

Wet wipes are great on your baby’s or even your own bum. They leave you with a flesh, sanitized feel unlike normal toilet paper. Unfortunately, they are darn expensive and you have to cough a good chunk of money so as to continually buy them. Number two, most wet wipes companies will add harmful ingredients that could cause skin irritation on your butt. And you really do not want this, do you? Again, most wipes are scented and adults get disgusted at the thought of using fragrant wipes. Who really wants that?

Anyway, there is some good news. You can now make your own DIY flushable wet wipes at home.

So what are the advantages of doing this?

  • You control the ingredients in the wet wipe so that it is as natural as possible. Since there are no plastics involved, the wet wipe will be flushable thus no danger of clogging your sewer system.
  • DIY wet wipes are cost friendly since all you need to buy are cheap ingredients and make them.
  • You feel great knowing that you are getting handy and slowly becoming a DIY guy.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It is time consuming
  • Could get messy
  • They might not be as effective as commercial ones such as the cottonelle adult wipes

So here is how you do it

First you will need the following ingredients

1.       Toilet paper towel roll. It needs to be high quality so that it does not tear easily. If you are the type of people who are ever looking for the cheap options, then the DIY wet wipes are not your portion. Choose something that is high quality and can still stand even when soaked in water.

2.       A 350ml can of distilled or boiled water which has been cooled down. Though you can use plain tap water, you want it boiled or distilled so that you are sure that it is clean and free from germs.

3.       Aloe vera solution

4.       Coconut oil which is said to have an antibacterial effect.

5.       1 spoon vinegar solution since it is said to have anti-fungal effect

6.       Soap or perfume if you want your wipes scented

Method of making flushable DIY wet wipes

1.       Mark the length of the toilet paper towel you would like to use and cut it out. You might need to use an electric knife to cut the towel as it is not as easy as it seems. Place the cut paper towel in a bowl.

2.       Mix the liquids and whisk them to consistency

3.       Pour the liquid mixture on the toilet paper roll

4.       Slowly remove the cardboard tube leaving the soaked paper.

5.       From the inner circle of the wet towel, pick out the edge and use as your wet wipe.

6.       Cover up the bowl holding the wet paper towel so as to avoid drying out (evaporation)

7.       When the towel dries up, you can add the liquid mixture to moisten it again.

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