Wiping Bum But It Never Quite Cleans Up

Wiping Bum, Never Clean; What do I do?

Why there is poop even after wiping

I have seen it on email. A reader wanted to know why they never got clean even after wiping their bum thoroughly with high quality toilet paper.

Hi, Was reading your post on wiping aids for obese and I thought you would also discuss cases where one wipes but never gets quite clean. I have experienced it; wipe bum never clean even after doing it. I find that my underwear easily gets soiled and also has this fecal odor whenever am removing it in the evening. Kindly help on what to do.

One thing that I told him was to stop using toilet paper no matter how high quality it might be since it will never do the job really well. When using toilet paper, poop will still be there even after thorough wiping. I like using this analogy: if a flying bird pooped on your face, would you use toilet paper to wipe yourself and still feel clean after doing so?

No, you would use water or wet wipes, wouldn’t you? So, why use toilet paper to wipe your butt and then expect to be clean after doing it?

How to Solve the Problem: Poop Still there after Wiping

  1. Wipe from front to back

Women especially are advised from a tender age to wipe themselves from front to back and never back to front. This is because their urethra is in close proximity with the anus and as such, fecal material could easily find itself getting into contact with your urethra causing vaginal irritation or infection.

2. Exert enough pressure

You need to exert enough pressure on your perianal area if you are to make sure that all the poop gets wiped out. The pressure should never be too much nor too little.

3. Do not over or under wipe yourself

Over wiping your butt can cause anal fissures or skin irritation so you need to make sure that you are not overdoing things. At the same time, undergoing it will have poop remaining even after the wipe.

Risks of not wiping your butt clean

  1. Urinary tract infections

Women are the worst hit since their butts cracks are just next to their vaginas. If they do not wipe really well, fecal materials could find their way into their urethra causing a UTI.

2. Being found dirty in a prostrate screening  examination or by your sexual partner

In the modern age where people are frequently going for prostrate screening, are having anal sex, you want to make sure that your anus is really clean, right?

3. Soiling your innerwear

If you do not wipe your buttocks well, you are sure to soil your underwear. It will have a brown lining where the anal opening meets the underwear fabric. This is utterly disgusting, right?

4. Stinking

If you do not wipe your bum really well, you will stink and houseflies might embarrass you by following you as they pray to find a way into your anus!

Use flushable wet wipes

You can use adult wet wipes which are moist and will surely clean your butt well. The risk here is getting non-flushable wipes which would block your sewerage system. Fortunately, there are some flushable adult wet wipes that are alcohol free that you can find here.

Use wet family cloths

A clean butt isn’t that far off from you. Yes with old rags, tee shirts or dresses that you no longer wear, you can make reusable family cloths that you will be wiping your butt with. For maximum cleanliness, always make sure to moisten the cloths.

Use a bidet

There are portable bidets that you can be using to make sure that you wipe your butt with water every time you have emptied your bowels.

Take a bath

The last alternative is to take a bath. This is a sure way to ensure that you are clean after emptying your bowels. While cleaning though, make sure that you take up your bum cheeks and have water washing out all the fecal debris that might have been left. You could also use a special washcloth or loofah that you will never use to clean any other part of your body other than your crack. If