Best Adult Flushable Wipes for Septic System that will actually disintegrate

adult flushable wipes that disintegrate

A report by the Independent showed that using toilet paper is not hygienic because tissue paper does not wipe your butt clean. It leaves debris and a bad smell that you do not want to be associated with. Tissue paper has also been said to cause anal fissures and urinary tract infection. William said that wiping with tissue paper is akin to trying to clean a wooden floor that has been dirtified with chocolate. “You only end up pushing the chocolate into the cracks,” said the rapper to Elle Magazine.

Rose George who is the author of  The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste, Will Smith and recommended that one would be better off using some wet wipes or a bidet. Some wet wipes have however been said to be non-biodegradable and could block your septic system according to NPR Radio. The municipal governments have had a big headache trying to manage non-biodegradable waste.

Therefore, when buying toilet wipes for your adult, you need to be careful so as to only select those that are flushable and will actually disintegrate. In this post therefore, I will be examining the best adult flushable wipes for your septic system that will disintegrate. With these wipes, you can use them for the toilet, applying makeup or even cleaning up sweat under your armpits and then flush them without the fear that they are going to block your plumbing system.

What to Look for when Buying Adult Wet Wipes

#1. Flushable.

The first thing that you should check before buying your wet wipes is see that they are flushable on your septic system. By saying flushable, I mean that they will disintegrate into pulp just like toilet paperwhen you flush. Look for descriptions such as biodegradable and flushable on the package. Again, checking it is not enough, you can read reviews done by other people or scientific tests done to see whether it does indeed flush.

#2.How moist is it?

Wet wipes need to be moist otherwise why buy them when you could as well have bought toilet paper. You can check the moistness of the wipes by trying drag it on the skin. If it is difficult to do so, then avoid buying that wipe. The necessity of moisture in a wipe is that it helps you with ease in cleaning.

#3. No alcohol

Alcohol though good in killing germs can also cause irritation on the skin. Rather than alcohol, I would go for 100% aloe vera wipes that also kill germs on the skin.

#4.Perfume or no perfume

I am not a lover of perfume on wet wipes. Yes, I do not love those with overpowering scents since it makes me sick. Maybe you are like me, or maybe very different from me. If you want a wipe with perfume, check on the package. They will mention whether it has fragrance or not.

#5. Hypoallergenic

They should not cause allergens or any irritation on the skin.

#6. Size

Wipes should be large enough. I check for the 8″x6″ since this is large enough to cover my butt without me getting brown hands after wiping my bottom.

#6. Packaging

Packaging of the wipes should be discrete. You do not want everyone to know that a pack of adult flushable wipes were just delivered outside your apartment by the guys from amazon, do you? No, the packaging should be such that no one can tell what is inside unless they read it out. The package should also be user-friendly such that you can tear it with ease without having to fetch for a pair of scissors. It should also be easily portable so that you can carry it to the gym or the office.


Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes

The Cottonelle freshcare wipes that come in counts of 42 are flushable and soft on your bum. They immediately disintegrate once you flush making them safe for your septic and sewerage system. They also have a mild sweet smell that is not overpowering and you will therefore love to use them. For elderly who might be using some wiping aid tools for the handicapped, then this is your number one choice wipes because they will hold so well on the freedom wand.


What I loved about them

Quick disintegrate

No fragrance

Soft and nice wavy texture


Cottonelle seems to have changed their way of making their wipes since they are now drier and thinner than before


Scott Flushable Wipes

The Scott are another of the approved 100% flushable wipes that you can buy for your adult. They are safe to use, alcohol free and have no fragrance at all and would therefore be ideal for those adults who complain of nausea whenever they use any scented toilet products. The Scott wipes are thick enough so that you are able to wipe your bottom with ease and without  having to fear of getting brown fingers. The wipes disintegrate fast when you are done and you therefore need no fear of getting into the wrong side of the authorities.

What I loved about them

They were thick enough

100% flushable and quick to disintegrate.


There were relatively small making them not ideal for when you have a big job. You would end up using so much to get the job done

There was a complaint that they were rather dry as compared to cottonelle.

Though the label says no fragrance, it comes with a scent.

Dude Wet Wipes

The story of how Dude Wet Wipes was founded is quite something. Picture this, a bunch of guys working in the office and rushing from time to time to the toilet to do their number two. They are all using toilet paper. And then one day, one finds out that they have run out of toilet and there is no one to go quickly grab some. So what does the dude do, he uses some baby wet wipes. And he comes smelling clean and feeling so fresh. And so, the guys went out to work on what is now the Dude wet wipes.

The dude wet wipes is designed for mostly guys judging from the masculine packaging. It is meant to help them get off that bad odor after visiting the toilet. Tissue paper will never wipe out the butt clean since it always leaves some debris. With the dude wet wipes though, your girlfriend will also notice that you are ever clean even down there and will not tell you to get some air freshener to freshen your nether regions.

What I loved about them

Biodegradable and therefore safe to flush down your toilet without the fear that there will be a blockage in your septic system.

No fragrance. Dudes do not want any scent so the dude wipes got you sorted

Awesome masculine packaging

Great when you are travelling or at the gym to wipe yourself clean without necessarily taking a shower.

Large enough to cover your butt and wipe it clean without you getting brown hands. They are 25% larger than your normal wipes


Too manly. Most women were put off by the packaging as well as the boisterous adverts that painted male chauvinism over and over.

Stall Mates Flushable Wipes

When you think of environmentally friendly wipes, think Stall Mates which are made from Hydraspun dispersible which is a well known biodegradable substrate that will surely disintegrate when you flush your toilet. The guys at Stall Mates will also plant a tree for every pack of their wipes you buy and as such you feel that buying their product, you are promoting enviromental conservation.

But are the wipes as good? We bought the pack to try it out and found out that a single wipe is so big that it measures 8″x6″ when stretched out. That is a plus if you want to have clean hands even after cleaning your butt. They are made with aloe vera and vitamin E and you therefore need not fear of any allergens or infections after using the wipes. They are alcohol, paraben and fragrance free.

What I loved about them

Larger dimensions that will cover your butt well and keep your hands clean

You do not need to shower. Stall mates got your back since you can wipe away sweat, tears and even your nether regions

Flushable and environmentally friendly

Discrete packaging

Ideal for both men and women

Hypoallergenic formula so you do not have to fear of any infections after using the pack


They had a burning sensation when you wipe your skin

I tried to wipe out some spilt coffee on my desk with the Stall mates wipe and found that it left a trail of lint wherever I wiped

Has an odor

Butt Valet Premium Flushable Wipes

The one downside of the buttvalet wipes that might put you off when you see it on the amazon stores is that the package looks dull and uninviting. I do not know why they did not get a good graphic designer to do the publication of the design for them. But hey, I was not buying the package, my intention was to buy and review the wipes themselves. So, I went ahead and bought them.

The buttvalet wipes are made of 55% wood pulp and 45% viscose. With all that wood pulp, you by now know that it is flushable in your septic system and will not cause blockages.It is also fused with aloe to give your skin protection from allergenics. It measures 8″x6″

What I loved about them


Have a fresh and clean smell. No overpowering perfume

Made with soothing aloe to protect your skin


Uninviting design

They are rather too dry and would drag along the skin

Difficult to open the package due to the design. Design again!! You would have to use a pair of scissors so as to cut it open. Not like other wipes where all you do is simply tear and the package opens.