Fanwer Bottom Buddy: The Cheaper Alternative to Bottom Buddy

While looking for solutions for wiping for obese, we found out the Fanwer and we finally fell in love with it.

Fanwer Bottom Buddy

Fanwer bottom buddy

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Just like the bottom buddy, the Fanwer bottom buddy is a comfortable, effective and simple solution for achieving personal cleanliness when reaching is difficult especially for fat people.  The best thing about the Fanwer bottom buddy is that it is way cheaper than all other wiping aid that you will ever find on online stores. The soft movable head clasps any tissue or pre-moistened wipe steadily and releases the tissues or wipe with a push of a button in the ergonomically designed handlebar.

Features of Fanwer Bottom Buddy

  • The ergonomic handle fits in any size hand, while the cushioned grip holds either toilet tissue or pre-moistened wipes securely in place for wiping.
  •  It is made using a mixture of solid plastic and rubber to provide lasting strength and use.
  • The toilet paper can be released by pushing down on the actuator release button on top.
  •  The 14-inch distance effectively lengthens the user’s reach when wiping from either the front or back.

How to use the Fanwer Bottom Buddy

  1. Wrap a toilet paper in the head of the buddy.
  2. Insert excess toilet papers in the groove of the head of the tool.
  3. After the toilet is over use the Fanwer Bottom Buddy to clean the anus.
  4. After wiping press top button of the tool.
  5. The groove bulges and the paper slips off.

What we liked about it

It allows individuals to reach the surface and wipe commendably with dignity. It is made with a mixture of plastic and rubber for long term strength and usage. It has a soft and flexible end which provides comfort and is soft to the skin. It offers an aid to a person who has problems with their hands but would rather not require someone’s help. The 14-inch size makes prolongs the users reach when wiping from either front or back. The end wipes securely for wiping convenience. When done the toilet paper can be release by pressing the release button on top. The Fanwer Bottom Buddy is embarrass free since it is small enough to carry past someone without people questioning about it. 

What we did not like about it

It is so awkward to use. Maybe they need a different shape to make it easier to get around wiping the back end. An obese person has more body to get around and also wider arms that makes it difficult to reach the anus. The distance between the body and the shape of the body for angling should be figured to do the job. The button for releasing the tissue doesn’t really work as expected. The shape of the bottom buddy is not good at all it should be figured out.