How to Use Flushable Wipes

We have already looked at the importance of flushable wet wipes in getting your bum nicely cleaned and have said that they are way better than using toilet paper. We have also mentioned that the main difference between flushable wipes and the normal baby wipes is that while the latter are made of mostly plastic fibers, the former are made of organic fibers and so they will disintegrate when you flush them. This way, they are septic safe since they do not block your plumbing system.

How to use Flushable Wipes

Today, we are going to look at how to use flushable wipes. The biodegradeable wipes come packed in discrete and nicely designed containers just like the normal plastic wipes. Once you have used it to wipe your bum, clean your face, wipe a baby or wipe surfaces, you ought to throw it into the toilet and flush. It will take some time to completely disintegrate but you are assured that it finally will.

Other than using it to wipe your bum clean, they usually have other uses which we shall list here below:

Wiping your face

cottonelle wipes are good to clean face

Imagine that you are coming from the gym feeling really tired. It is sweltering hot and you are sweating so much that your forehead looks like a stream of water is flowing down it. With wipes, you can wipe away the sweat from your face and at the same time feel it as it cools you down.

Cleaning baby

baby wiped and changed

When you are travelling with your baby to upcountry to see your folks, you want to carry some biodegradable wipes that you can use to clean away poop or sweat on the toddlers. Potty training kids who always have skid-marks after using toilet paper would also greatly benefit from using flushable wet wipes.

Wiping surfaces in the office

cleaning furniture with wipes

After a holiday from the office, I usually find that my desktop computer is a little bit dusty. The tables and chairs are also dusty. But I need not worry because with disposable wipes,  the only thing I need is a few rolls to clean away all the dust.

Cleaning your eye glasses

a man cleans his eyeglasses

Bespectacled people will find that they regularly need to clean their glasses so as to remove dust and mist. With flushable wipes, this can be done very easily. Just take a roll and wipe away the dust or mist on the glasses.

Wiping away spills on tables and other furniture

Let’s say that your kid is taking some ice-cream and as they are doing so, some of it spills on the table creating a mess. What do you do? With flushable wipes, everything is easy peasy. Just get a few rolls of the wipes and wipe away the mess.

Recommended Wipes that Do actually disintegrate

Marketers of plastic wipes have started using all types of marketing gimmicks to scam you labelling their wipes as flushable while the truth is very far away from that. Their plastic wipes will never disintegrate and will end up clogging your septic system. Some of the biodegradeable wipes that we have actually tried and found to be truly flushable include:

  • Cottonelle wet wipes
  • Dude wipes
  • Scott Flushable wipes.