Wiping aid for obese, handicapped and aged: The best butt Wiping Aid in 2018

While you and I might feel that wiping our bottoms after visiting the toilet is such a simple task and no one should blog about it, there are some people who have such a hard time wiping their bottom after emptying their bowels. Personally, I have seen obese, handicapped and aged people really hating the thought of going to the toilet because they are not able to wipe their butt afterwards. And this makes them stink. And feel bad that they are helpless.

But hey, they need not feel helpless because in this page, we will review some of the best bariatric wiping aids for obese, handicapped and aged people. Here we go.

AssessmentFreedom wand
Bottom Buddy
Buckingham easy wipe
buckingham easy wipe
SP Ableware Self-Wipe Bathroom Toileting Aid
Long reach Comfort
Holds tissueYesYesYesYesYes
Holds wet wipesYesYesYesNoYes
Comes with shaver and length extenderYesNoNoNoNo
Storage bagYesNoNoNoNo
Length21 inches11 inches15 inches14 inches15.8 inches

Bottom Buddy

When you have short arms that will not reach your back after visiting the toilet, the Bottom buddy is here to help you.

11″ long and with a curved handle, the bottom buddy has a soft head where you place tissue rolls or wet wipes and then direct it to your butt to hygienically clean it. It has a push button that helps you to release the tissue roll or wet wipes after cleaning your bottom.

The Bottom Buddy also comes with a travel pouch so that you can carry it along with your other luggage when going out.

How to use the bottom budy wipe aid

  1. Unroll out enough tissue or wet wipes onto the 3 soft pronged head.
  2. Pull back the tissue which will cover up the head
  3. Use it to wipe your butt
  4. After thorough wiping, release the tissue using the press button.

For people suffering from obesity, are handicapped or have short hands, the Bottom Buddy helps them maintaing dignity and hygiene

Has a long enough handle to reach out

Thin and soft head that does not hurt your bottom cheeks

Comes with travel pouch

Good for cleaning up after number one or number two toilet use


There were complaints by some customers that their handles or rubber parts broke off after short use

Buckingham Easywipe, Travel, Compact, Folding, Toilet Aid

Measuring 15″ which is slightly longer than the Bottom buddy, the Buckingham Easywipe wiping aid for obese comes with a soft head where you can attached tissue paper rolls or even pre-moistened wipes to clean your butt.

After wiping, you need not touch the soiled tissue since it has a push button that helps you push away the tissue releasing it into the toilet

How to use the buckingham easywipe

how to use the buckingham easy wipe bottom wiper for obese people


Long enough to reach your bottom even if you have short hands

Soft head that does not hurt your body

Push button to release dirty tissue


There were complaints that the handle folded after some use.

Freedomwand Personal Hygiene & Bathroom Aid Toilet Tissue Tool

Other than the wiping aid tool, the guys at freedome wand have gone ahead and figured that other than having a hard time wiping your bottom, you might also be experiencing trouble bathing and so, they have included a shower loofah, shaver and ointment pad in their one package.

The tissue paper aid measures 21″ which is undoubtedly the longest that you can ever get.

How to use the freedom wand bottom wiper for obese

1.Use the desired length of the wand by extending it or just using the head only

2. Roll out enough tissue on the wand head

3.Wipe your bottom

4. Release tissue with the push button.


Four products in one pack

Long enough to reach

Comes with a bag incase you are travelling with your tissue paper aid tool.


There were complaints that it would not hold the tissue paper for long before dropping

SP Ableware Self-Wipe Bathroom Toileting Aid (641-2506-2000)

The guys at SP Ableware describe this self wipe toilet aiding tool as the best bottom wiping aid that is comfortable for those having trouble bending, are handicapped or obese.

It has a smooth round designed head made of sturdy material that will not break easily.


Measures 14″ which is long enough to reach your bottom


Would not use wipes since they are too small to go round it

Long reach Comfort Wipe Toilet Aid

Undoubtedly the cheapest bottom wiper for bariatric patients on a low budget, this tool is cheap, lightweight and easy to use. It however will break easily and might not offer you value for your money


Measures 15.8 inches in length which is a good length to reach out your butt in case you have short arms



Breaks easily.

How to wipe your butt using the wiping aid tools

  1. Unroll the needed tissue paper or wet wipes
  2. Place them carefully on the head of the wiping tool
  3. Fasten the hold on the head so that the tissue or wipes are held firmly
  4. Direct the tool head with tissue on it towards your bottom.
  5. Wipe yourself clean
  6. Remove the head from your bottom and direct it towards the toilet hole
  7. Release the tissue or wipes using the push button.

NB: The longer the tool, the more pressure you will need in wiping your butt


To whom are these bottom wiping aid tools made for

The wiping aid tools are not meant for those patients who are totally immobile or have trouble visiting the bathroom.

They are meant for the following classes of people





Anyone with short hands and not able to reach their bottom.