Sammons preston reacher

One of my most trusted manufacturer  of adaptive tools  for elderly as well as handicapped people is sammons Preston.

And so when I was researching on the best reacher grabbers for disabled, I decided to check what they have in stock. Luckily, I found that they have a wide range of items for reaching for elderly and handicapped people. I will be looking at this list exhaustively here in this article.

sammons preston reacher

One of those tools was the Sammons preston complete hip replacement kit which comes with a sock aid, reacher grabber, shoehorn, dressing aid and bath sponge. Of importance to me was the reacher grabber tool. The kit helps people who just had a hip replacement surgery and are therefore quite immobile since too much movements could either lead to extreme pain or aggravate their health.

The Sammons preston grabber measures 26” long and is therefore a good fit for those looking to reach for things at that length. It provides safe independence to the patient since they are able to reach for far off things without the risk of falling or using stools and ladders.

There was also a walker bag sold by the same manufacturer on Amazon for those people who might be on transit and want to still have the pick up tool with them. The walker bag easily fastens for extra stability. It is made of waterproof polyester and so you do not have to worry about carrying it in the rain or damp places. The grabber conveniently holds onto objects with a good gripping claw that is also fitted with magnets so that it can hold onto small metallic objects say car keys, coins or needles. The claws also have a suction gripper so that one can use it to hold onto rounded objects such as plastic waste bottles in the yard when managing waste.

You can also check out the vive reacher grabber tool.