The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Soothic Sitz Bath

Reviewing the Soothic Sitz Bath

As the name suggest, the soothic sitz bath is designed for one purpose; to soothe your bum and perianal area after an anal fissure, hemorrhoid or in the case of women; after an episiotomy operation. But is that the case when one tries it out?Well, we are going to explore that in this our review.

One thing after buying the sitz bath is that we realized that it is designed such that it can accommodate any person whether you are small or extra big. And so people who might be plus sized need not worry as they will fit in it with ease.

soothic sitz bath
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Before we even go on in this review, we need to point out one thing

Taking a sitz bath does not heal your hemorrhoids but it surely does soothe you so that it is less painful when you go to the toilet for a number two.

The soothic plastic basin measures 15.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches which is a perfect since this can fit into just any toilet seat in the world whether standard sized or elongated. With these dimensions, you can comfortably place the soothic bath onto your toilet seat, add some luke warm water mixed with recommended soothers such as witch hazel, aloe vera and epsom salt.

The heat of the water should be friendly to you. It should not be too hot as to scald you. And neither should it be too cold as not to relieve you. Sit on the warm water for about fifteen minutes and you are sure to rise feeling better and the pain gone. This should be done at least twice in a day.

We recommend that you do it early in the morning just after you have woken up and also late in the evening just before going to bed.

Features of the soothic sitz bath that we loved

Out of the over 160 Amazon customers who have bought and used the soothic plastic bath, the product has got an overall rating of over 4.7 stars which shows that it is not only trustable but also loved and does its job really well.

  • Big sized so that it can be used even by obese people who would not fit into standard sized sitz baths.
  • Can fit onto almost 95% of all toilet seats whether elongated or standard sized.
  • Made from high quality and durable plastic
  • Deep enough so that all your butt and vaginal area are covered while taking the bath
  • It can be used for different purposes all the way from soothing hemorrhoids, postpartum, yoni treatment and anal fissures

What we did not like about it

Unlike other baths such as the lifevv sitx bath, this one does not have a water bag for adding more warm water as you sit.

Soothic sitz bath review