Bidet vs family cloth: Which one should you go for?

I have written countless number of times on this blog as well as on other blogs that using dry toilet paper to wipe your bum after a number two at the lavatory does not help things. If anything, it might cause a litany of problems all the way from urinary tract infections(UTIs), skin irritation and anal fissures. Some of the better alternatives include using flushable wet wipes, bidets or moistened family cloths.

Bidet Vs Family Cloth: Comparison on Effectiveness, Cost, Infections and Hygiene

In this post, we will be comparing the bidet vs family cloth so as to see what you should be going for. In our comparison we will look at the following factors:

  1. Effectiveness.
  2. Cost.
  3. Risk of infections.
  4. Hygiene.


The family cloth is either a commercial reusable wipe that you use to wipe away poop from your butt or an old rag that you cut out from your old cloths. For best use, it needs to have high absorbency, is gentle on the skin and can be moistened.

A bidet on the other hand is a tap-like fitting on the toilet seat that has water which you use to clean your bottom after emptying your bowels. There are also portable bidets that one can use and carry around when travelling.

Both items are effective in wiping poop from your butt.


The family cloth is reusable and so once you buy one, you no longer need to buy another. It is not like adult wipes or toilet paper. A high cost comes in washing it up with detergents and antiseptics.

The bidet is also not that costly. However, you will find yourself paying higher water bills than you were used to before.

Risk of Infections

The family cloth has the highest risk of infections all the way from urinary tract infections as well as getting into contact with harmful germs such as E.Coli. To avoid this, you have to clean it with hot water, detergents and antiseptics after every use.

Bidets do not have any risk of infections. However you need to clean your hands well after using the bidet otherwise you could have germs such as E.Coli transported to other body parts.


Those who criticize the family cloth say that it is not hygienic.

The bidet has no one who criticizes it as unhygienic.