3 Solutions to Endlessly Wiping your Butt But there is still Poop

Now, if there is something that really irks most people when they go to the washroom, it is the realization that no matter how many times they wipe their bums, they never come out clean.

There will still be poop that needs to be wiped.

And so they end up going around with skid-marks on their pants and a bad odor. And that really sucks! Well today, we are going to look at what causes you to endlessly wipe your bum after bowel movement as well as look at how one can solve the problem.

So let us now dig into the reasons why there is always some poop left even after so many wiping. Here we go:

Use of dry toilet paper, especially low quality

One of the reasons why you have to wipe so many times without seeming to be doing a good job is because you are using dry tissue paper. Especially low quality. You will wipe and wipe and even wipe more but you will never get clean.

If there is one person who advocates against use of dry tissue paper, then it has to be me. Not that I hate them or anything, but it is because they are not effective.

Have you ever had a bird that was flying in the air suddenly poop on your face?

Disgusting, I know.

Well, would you use dry tissue paper to wipe away the bird’s poop?

No, if you did that, it would not go away. You would use other things such as a wet piece of cloth or a wet wipe or just wash your face with water, right?

Then why are you wiping your butt with dry TP?

While we have civilizations in all corners, developments in all spheres, the one place where we have really lagged behind is in the washroom. Use of tp is an age old thing. It baffles me that we are still using them to date.

Americans who introduced tissue paper to the world have refused to budge and try other better things. But tissue paper needs not to be as dark as I taint it. Not when you start using TP moisteners such as the pristine toilet paper spray. What these moisteners do is that they wet the toilet paper so that you can have a clean wipe. So in essence, the sprays make your tissue paper a wet wipe which you do not have to mind on flushability since it is 100% biodegradable.

You can also make a moistener at home using this guide.

The moisteners are also hypoallergenic and so they will not irritate your skin. You can also have a diy one with chosen scents that you love so that after you wipe, you can go along smelling nice and clean.

Having Hemorrhoids

Another thing that could cause endless wiping after bowel movement is if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. They are painful. Yes, but other than that, they could also cause you endless wiping without any significant results.

What hemorrhoids do is that they could cause fecal leakage so that there is always poop even after your last wipe.

Mayoclinic explains it that when you have hemorrhoids, the veins in your rectum swell, your anus might not close properly causing involuntary leakage of poop after your bowel movements.

Suffering from Fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence after bowel movements is caused by muscle damage, constipation, diarrhea and loss of storage capacity in the rectum might cause you to be wiping many times without your getting clean.

Solutions to Endless Wiping after Bowel Movement

1.       Instead of using dry toilet paper do the following:

  • a.       Take a shower after bowel movement.
  • b.      Use a bidet

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  • Warm air dryer
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2.       When you have hemorrhoids that cause your anus not to close, do the following:

a.       Take a soothing sitz bath since it has been found to cause relieve and faster healing of your hemorrhoids.

b.      Use creams that will help treat your hemorrhoids.

3.       If you are suffering from fecal incontinence, do the following:

  • a.       Take  high fiber foods that will prevent constipation
  • b.      Regularly exercise your sphincter muscles to prevent bowel incontinence