Best donut cushion for hemorrhoids

We have already explored some of the best sitting positions for people battling with hemorrhoids. One thing you will note about prolapsed piles is that they admonish all forms of comfort that you might be trying to have. Sitting in the office becomes a pain in the back. Literally. Sitting at work or in your car is no better. Neither is enjoying some time in the toilet unless you have a good squatty potty in your bathroom.

5 Best Donut Cushions for Hemorrhoids Pressure Relief

One of the suggestions that we make for people who are battling with hemorrhoids is that they buy these well padded, breathable material donut cushions. As the name suggests, the donut cushions are exactly in the shape of a donut. They are contoured on the edges with soft material while the interior is a hollow. The cushions offer pressure relief to your piles paint points.

How do donut cushions work?

It is by no luck that donut cushions offer relief to people with hemorrhoids. What donut cushions do is that they balance out pressure on all the body parts other than the affected butt area which you want to have the least pressure.

In this post, we are going to review some of the best donut cushions for hemorrhoids while looking at their pros and cons so that you can make an informed buying choice.

But before we look at the reviews of each of our selected donut pillows, let us first look at the considerations that we looked into before even selecting the donut cushions for review.

Is the pillow dense?

While you might think that a soft donut cushion is the best thing that money could buy you owing to how comfy you will feel sitting on it, kindly do think again. It might as well squish and therefore not offer you value for your money after a short while. For long term use, you would be better looking for a denser, stiff cushion that will last for long.

Is the pillow easily washable?

Since you will not be washing the entire pillow everytime it soils, you will want it to have a removable easy to wash cover so that your donut is always clean.

Is the cushion non slip?

You need to look out for that hemorrhoids pillow that has some non-slip features so that when you place it on your work or vehicle seat, it will not slip easily.

Is the hemorrhoid cushion inflatable?

Some of the best hemorrhoid pillow designs are usually inflatable so that you can either add or remove air depending on how firm you want your cushion to be. The only downside of these designs is that they might get an air leak and therefore squish when you are least prepared. If you are looking for a comfortable cushion in the short term, the inflatable design might be a good consideration. But if you are like me looking for something that will last for long, then do not give a second glance to the inflatable models.

Considering memory foam vs polyurethane foam?

While polyurethane foam offer the best firm cushions for your bucks, they easily squish out with time becoming unusable. I usually advise people to go for high density PU foam since it is durable. A better alternative is memory foam. What memory foam does is that it offers you a soft, firm sitting space and will not squish but regain its original form once you have stood up.

Consider the size and where you are using it

Normally the best pillows for piles usually measure from 15 to 20 inches. This range offer good back support while relieving pressure off your butt. But you would really need to consider the size of the cushion depending on where you are using it. If it is for office use, you do not want your sitting height to be way higher than your working desk, right? At the same time, if you are using the pillow for driving, you do not want it to elevate you so much that it compromises your hand alignment to the steering wheel.

Consider how portable the pillow is?

You will want to buy only one cushion for sitting at home, in the car and even at work, right? There is no reason for buying three different pillows to use for every occasion. For this reason, you will want a lightweight portable pillow for all those places. If you are the person seeing this portability issue as a big consideration point, I would advise you to buy an inflatable cushion.

Aylio Donut Luxury seat cushion memory foam

aylio contoured best donut cushion for prolapsed piles

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Standing at 14.5 inches and with the quality guarantee of 100 days, the aylio memory foam is surely the best bang for your bang when you have painful hemorrhoids and are looking for a good pressure relief system.

The Aylio cushion is made with contours that make it more comfortable whether you are using it on your work seat, car seat or at home. It also has a 3D spacer mesh that makes it breathable.

Lightweight, the Aylio pillow is highly portable so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. What’s more, it has a carry on handle so that you can carry it with ease and comfort. It is also easy to clean since all you need is to unzip the cover and clean it up before replacing it.


  1. Comfort on the go- owing to the contours and donut design, it surely offers comfort and pressure relief on your piles so that you will not remember you have hemorrhoids while working or driving. It is also very portable
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Memory foam that does not squish easily therefore giving you value for your bucks
  4. 100 days trial period and incase you are not satisfied, you can always return it.


  1. Some obese people who used it said that they did not find it to be so comfy as advertised.

Ergonomic Innovations Donut Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion

ergonomic innovations orthopedic donut cushion

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Made with firm polyurethane foam and standing at 17.5 inches, this has to be our second best donut cushion for hemorrhoids. With well mapped out contours, removable cover and a non slip bottom, we found this to be a really good one for your consideration. What slightly put us off was the high height of 17.5 inches which could easily compromise your sitting alignment to the desk at work or the steering wheel in the car.


  • Non slip bottom so that you will not moving away from the center of your seat
  • Nicely mapped out contours for extra comfort and pressure relief on your bum
  • Machine washable cover that is easy to unzip out


  • A little bit too high for our liking
  • A little bit too dense and therefore hard. If you are looking for a softer design, then consider something else.

Carex inflatable donut cushion

carex inflatable donut cushion for hemorrhoids

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If you are on a low budget and are looking for a short term relief off your hemorrhoidal pain, then the carex inflatable donut cushion might be a good consideration. Honestly speaking though, I personally would not buy it. For one, I do not like inflatable designs since they might easily have air leaks and therefore be unfunctional. At the same time, it has this strong rubber smell and what’s more, they suggest that you blow it with your mouth. Now who does that?

Anyway, away from the downsides, the carex donut is easily portable so that you can carry it from your car to work seat. And you can do so discretely since all you need to do is deflate it and then inflate it when you want to use.


  • Easily portable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Will offer hemorrhoid pressure relief for those looking for a short term solution
  • With just a damp cloth, you can easily clean it away


  • Could easily deflate or get an air leak
  • Its height is only 3” which might not offer much pressure relief
  • Has strong rubber smell.


Kieba hemorrhoid cushion


kieba donut hemorrhoid cushion


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Another  donut pillow that you will find in most households is the Kieba cushion. And it is not in many households for no reason; before it is quality and offers value.  The one big downside that we found with this design is that a little thin; only standing at 7 inches. Therefore because of this rather thin design, it would not be a good choice for those who are obese.


  • Breathable and easy to clean cover
  • Offers pressure relief for hemorrhoids
  • Dense foam that does not squish easily.


  • A little too thin for obese people