Heavy duty bidet toilet seat For Bariatrics

Normally, you will find that most bidet toilet seat systems have a maximum weight capacity of people weighing 300lbs. This is a good and high weight limit. But at the same time discriminative for people who might weigh above 400lbs. It simply means that they would not use those bidet systems.

So for an extremely heavy person, the alpha jx, ix or the brondell swash series would not do since they only support a weight limit of upto 300lbs.

In this post, I tell you of great bariatric bidet toilet seats that you can buy online.

Heavy duty bidet toilet seats for heavy people

Now, I had this patient who came to our elderly care and they weigh about 450lbs. They are bariatric and at first we opted to get them a big john toilet seat for heavy people so that they would not break our standard toilet seats. But that meant that we were not fully addressing their toileting needs.

For one, they would have to use a toileting aid since their arms seemed too short to reach their butt. At the same time, we opted to use toilet paper moisteners for them because toilet paper would never do the job well. But this still was not so comfortable or hygienic. It mean that the patient would not really feel clean even after wiping with the freedom wand. We really had to look for a solution.

For those who are still uninitiated about bidets, I feel that it is good to tell you that it is the best and most hygienic way that you could wipe yourself. With a good bidet system, you are able to use warm water to wipe, warm air to dry and a hot toilet seat to sit on as you do your business. At the same time, some bidets usually have deodorizers so that you clean out the bad fecal odor from yourself as you leave the toilet. No wonder most Asians have embraced the wash no wipe revolution.

The features that you need to look out for when buying a heavy duty bidet toilet seat include:

  • High pressure spray

Obese people will want a bidet system that sprays water strongly for a good wash. For average sized people, a soft spray would do but for obese people, seating means that their butt cheeks are pressed together and they risk only washing the outer side while leaving the inner rectal area with poop. You therefore need to put this into consideration as you seek your bidet toilet seat system.

  • Large seating surface area

Large people are looking for a toilet seat that is big enough to accommodate them without any hassle.

  • High weight capacity

The seat must allow heavy people who weigh more than 400lbs

  • Sturdy material

The toilet seats and all the parts must be strong and sturdy not to break when the bariatric patient seats on the toilet. This is a no-brainer.

Now without wasting time, we had to look for a solution online. And luckily we found some great recommendations for the following heavy duty bidet toilet seats for heavy people.

#1. Bio Bidet BB-1000W Supreme Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, White 

bio bidet 1000w

Any obese person looking for the best heavy duty bidet toilet seat need to seriously consider the electric bio bidet bb-1000w that will support a weight of upto 400lbs.

The bio bidet 1000w has an extra strong spraying function so that even the fattest of people can easily wash themselves. It also has an inbuilt deodorizer so that you get a fresh scent everytime that hot water spray hits your bottom.

No more bad smells after you get this biobidet.

Any fat person will irk at the thought of having a control on the side of the toilet seat. This is because, they might not be able to reach the control or it will be a such tiring thing trying to work on it.

To avoid all these hassles, the guys at biobidet have this awesome wireless remote control so that you can hold it on your hands as you do your toileting business.

Another awesome feature of the bio bidet 1000w is the enema function where you can jet a strong, thin stream of water into your rectal cavity so as to alleviate constipation.

We however found a drawback in their warm water spray that lasts for only 30 seconds and then you will be given this cold water treatment shock.

We also did not like the fact that it has to come with a tank for heating up your water. Now this means that setting up is a rather bulky thing and it will take up most of your space.

#2. Bio Bidet BB 2000 bidet toilet seat

Supporting a weight limit of upto 420lbs, this bio bidet is another toilet seat that you need to carefully consider when you think toilet hygiene.

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-It comes with a deodorizer so that you can leave the toilet smelling fresh and clean

-It has a blue LED nighlight so that you can use it even in the dark

–Strong spray system so as to clean you effectively.


Just like the bio bidet 1000, this bidet toilet seat is also rather too bulky

It is rather too noisy as compared to other bidets. The noise though emanates from the fact that it has the strongest spray system so lots of pressure in pushing out the water means that it gets noisy.

#3. KOHLER Novita Elongated Bidet Seat

kohler novita heavy duty bidet

With a great water flow, the Kohler Novita BH-90 that supports a weight limit of 350lbs, this heavy duty bidet had to make it in our list of bum washing toilet seats for bariatrics. It is very comfy to seat on for large people who weigh not more than 350lbs.


  • Would not be good for very heavy people above 350lbs
  • Its water flow would not match the Bio bidet BB-1000

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