Alpha ix hybrid bidet toilet seat

A housing contractor was the other day telling me that he advises his clients not to use bidets because the installations are cumbersome and expensive. And I was very perturbed because it seemed that he was not in touch with what is happening in his industry.

Or maybe he had not heard of the alpha ix hybrid bidet toilet seat with remote.

Alpha bidet ix hybrid

Priding itself as the only bidet toilet seat that you will ever get at less than $300, the alpha ix hybrid bidet toilet seat comes with all the parts that you will find in all the other exotic bidets but at an incredibly lower cost. LED nightlight, warm water, remote control, stainless steel nozzle; you name all of them and this bidet has them.

At first, I was a little bit disturbed and smelled a rat. Why were they offering all these at a cost of less than $300. Could it be that the parts are faulty and brittle?

Well, nothing like that. Everything is durable and sturdy. It is just that the guys at alpha ix bidets want you to be more hygienic and feel clean throughout the day even after going for a number 2 in the toilet.

How I found the alpha ix hybrid bidet seat

I bought the best bidet for heavy person for our hospice use since we had patients with mobility issues. Our toilet is an elongated 2 piece design and so it was easy to install alpha ix hybrid bidet.

It has four washes: regular rear wash, front wash for women, another rear but with a less harsh stream plus a child wash. We all use the child wash since all our elderly at the hospice want a gentle stream.

It has an air dryer and so we do not need to use toilet paper to dry their bottoms. We are conserving the forests in a big way.

What I like about this bidet

  • It has a heated toilet seat system so that you can use it even in the coldest of weathers without your patients complaining
  • The spray system are adjustable and you can choose from four preset washes
  • It is relatively affordable compared to all other bidet toilet seats
  • It has a sensor to detect when one is sitting on it.
  • It has a blue Led nightlight so that you can use it even when there are no lights
  • It uses warm water to clean you up
  • Use of this bidet has improved hygiene at the hospice and patients feel great and confident after using it.