Swash Bidet Toilet Seat

If you have been following this blog for sometimes, you by now know that we do not recommend wiping your bum with toilet paper. No, we have already looked at the downsides of doing this and found that wiping with toilet paper does not do the job well. You are left with skidmarks on your pants. A bad odor hangs around you everywhere you go.

With a not so well wiped butt, you are sure to feel less confident and not so much outgoing.

At the same time wiping with tp would cause chaffing and anal fissures especially if you do not use high quality tissue paper. Women have also complained of contracting UTIs and they have blamed all this on toilet paper.

So instead of using dry coarse tp, we are always advising you to try flushable wet wipes, toilet paper moisteners or family cloths. However all these can never beat the efficacy of the bidet wash-do-not-wipe revolution. Americans who have joined this revolution will tell you of how good they feel after visiting the toilet. Asians must have realized this a long time and have been using bidets in their bathrooms for eons and eons.

It is high time that you joined this elite movement that washes rather than wipe their butt. Yes, you will feel like an achiever when your toilet needs are well addressed with the swash bidet seats.

To help you join this wash do not wipe movement, we present you with the brondell swash bidet toilet seats that have easy installation and will really take care of your bum needs.

Other than easy installation, brondell swash bidets have programmable settings so that you can use warm water to wash, have a deodorizer so that you leave the toilet smelling clean and urbane.

So, let’s dig in.

Brondell Swash 1400 bidet seat

The most luxurious and new swash bidet seat has to be this one swash 1400 bidet. It is uniquely designed for the modern American homes and so would suit the urbane elites who want something that fits the current generation.

It has a hidden pocket where the water and electric connections are done so that it appears elegant in your toilet with no ugly visible wire connections.  The nozzles are stainless steel and you can sterilize them everytime you want to do so. It also comes with a replaceable carbon deodorizer so that you will be leaving the toilet with a nice scent.

Since the brondell team is so confident that you are going to fall in love with the swash 1400, they are actually giving you a 30 day trial period where if you are not satisfied with how it is serving you, you can always ask for a full refund and return it. They are also giving you a 3 year warranty.

Brondell Swash 1000 bidet seat

Unique in the swash 1000 is the massaging effect of the oscillating nozzle that will wash your front as well as the back. So if you are looking for something for your feminine toilet hygiene, then the brondell swash 1000 got you covered.

The intuitive remote control attaches to a magnetic block that can easily be fixed on your wall with a simple screw. You do not need to invite a plumber or have plumbing skills to attach this bidet to your toilet.

After you use wash, you do not need to use a paper to dry yourself. No, go ahead and use the warm air dryer whose temperature can be adjusted.

The swash 1000 has a body sensor so that the bidet will only let out water if someone is sitting on the seat.

Swash 1200 bidet seat

You want a bidet seat which you can use anytime of the day right? Well, the swash 1200 bidet seat has a LED nighlight so that you can use it even at night.

It also memorizes your settings so that once you order it to wash you clean, it will do it just how you like it. It will also warm your toilet seat to the right temperature and dry your butt at the right air warmth you always want.

Swash SE600 bidet seat

Swash 400 bidet seat