Butt Buddy: A Bum washing toilet seat without electricity

Today, we are going to do a review on the butt butty bidet attachment for your toilet. Using the butt buddy has been said to be a sleek way to wash your bum without necessarily doing alot of electric and plumbing works in your toilet. While Asian countries have been using water to clean their bottoms, it is still a relatively new thing to wash your butt with water in a Wester toilet. But it needs not be since we now have the butt buddy.

  • Nice way to wash bum after after poop
  • No electricty connections needed
  • Easy installation
  • No major plumbing works needed

We have been looking at various bum washing toilet seats and found that they are a revolutionary alternative to toilet paper.  It is also the first thing that we should all embrace if we want to go green saving our trees and environment.

Toilet paper will never at any one time wipe well. It will always leave you with poop marks, bad odor and a general filthy feeling. People have also been complaining of anal fissures, chaffing as well as UTI from continued use of toilet paper.

To stop that, we have been examining heavy duty bidets for obese people as well as bidets for regularly sized people such as the alpha jx and the alpha ix hybrid bidet toilet seat.

One thing though about all these is that you will require to use electricity to have them running. Unfortunately not everyone has electricity at their homes. And while some do have electricity, these bidet toilet seats use up so much watts to heat up the bidet water, to oscillate the nozzles, heat up the seat or dry you with warm air.

There is therefore a need to have a bidet toilet attachment that does not consume electricity in order to function. Well, we have found the butt buddy to be awesome in this.

The Butt Buddy Bidet: Cheaper, No Electricity or Plumbing Needed

So, let’s dig into it.

The butt buddy is a simple to install bidet attachment that you connect to your toileting water source. There is no electric or plumbing work needed on your part and hence is a cheap way to join the wash-no-wipe-revolution.

butt buddy

One of the main downsides though is that customers found leaks on their butt buddies around the t valve junction and so their toilets were always watery and messy. Two, since there is no heating of water, the butt buddy will hit you with a stream of cold water. And I would not advise this for elderly people.

What we Loved about the Butt Buddy Bum Washing Toilet

  • Budget cuts—compared to other high end bidet toilet seats, this butt buddy is not only cheap but will also expend less electrical energy.
  • Easy installation. You need not be a plumber to follow these simple guides on how to install the butt buddy. Just remove your toilet seat, fit the butt buddy into position, connect it to the water source and there you have it. This video shows you the nitty gritties.
  • It is a nice alternative to using toilet paper since you will feel fresh and clean everytime you are leaving the toilet.

What we did not like about it

  • No privilege of washing with warm water or using an air dryer
  • No remote controls
  • You might still have to use a toilet paper to wipe your butt dry.