How to Dispose of Flushable Wipes

According to a study conducted by Ryerson University, Ontario wet wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. Not even if they are labelled as flushable. You are better of throwing them in the compost bin and waiting for nature to take its course. They will disintegrate yes but will take a longer time.

how to dispose of flushable wipes

What most people do not know is that it takes a hell lot of time for wipes to fully disintegrate like toilet paper. We actually tried to disintegrate cottonelle flushable wipes in a pail of water and guess what? It took a whole hour for them to break down completely!

You are better of disposing them elsewhere but not flushing them down the toilet because they will end up clogging your septic system. Not unless you have so many hours to wait for them to break down. And I am sure, you do not have that much time, do you?

Your sewer system is designed to only handle your human waste and toilet paper. Anything else is going to clog the system and you are going to get in trouble with the municipal council in your area. You really do not want this. So what are the alternatives?

Alternatives to using flushable wipes

You already know that we hate using dry toilet paper since it does not do the job well. So what are the alternatives if flushable wipes are out of the question?

1.Use a bidet system

These days, people are ditching wiping and joining the wash revolution. It is a big revolution where you install a bidet toilet system in your bathroom and you can come out clean after every time you use the toilet.

No skidmarks. No smells and no more felling of trees.

You will love it when you start using a bidet toilet system.

The downside though is that installing high tech bidets is expensive and would need you to use electricity.

2. Use normal toilet paper with a moistener

You could use normal toilet paper but with a moistener so that it feels as though you are still using your flushable wipes. The good thing about this is that toilet paper sprays are 100% biodegradable and so you do not have to worry about anything clogging your system. At the same time, you are always going to get out of the bathroom fresh and clean. You are assured of no skidmarks, chaffing or anal fissures.

With an alcohol free toilet paper moistener like pristine, your do not have to worry that it is going to scald your bum skin.

3. Use wet family cloths

If you are comfortable using a wet wash cloth, then go ahead to use one. It has to be the most frugal and economic way of handling your toilet hygiene. The good thing is that with this, you are throwing no money down the toilet and neither are you clogging your system.

Using this method also demands that you are neat and hygienic such that you clean up your wash cloths after every use or otherwise your bathroom is going to stink.