Can bidet be used with raised toilet seat?

We have already established that using the bidet to wash your bum after a bowel movement is indeed a cool thing. You will be clean, no bad odour or skidmarks on your panties and you do not have to worry about any anal fissures or chaffing that is caused by toilet paper.

At the same time, when you use a bum washing toilet seat, you are doing a great service to nature. You are saying a big no to felling of trees that are used in toilet paper making.

You also do not need to use those weird looking butt wiping sticks or calling up your caregiver to help you wipe.

For the disabled, bariatrics, elderly and those who have just had a hip replacement surgery, they will need a toilet seat riser so that they can use the toilet with lots of comfort. We have already seen the immense benefits that a toilet seat riser can have on people who just had a hip replacement surgery.

The question then is can a bidet be used with a raised toilet seat. The answer fortunately is yes.

We are going to look at how to do it.

For less than $100 you will have your bidet toilet seat on a riser that has arms to hold on to. Though the setup is not that complex or lengthy, it would help a lot if you are the handy type of person who likes getting their hands dirty and all.

But this process should be easy even for those who are not so much into DIY stuff. Let’s dig into the procedure and see how to get things going:

What you will need when raising your bidet toilet seat

1.Medline toilet safety rails–You can get this on Amazon. We like them because they offer the user comfort and safety. The screw on them is also long enough that it can attach everything else we will put on the toilet seat.

2. Luxe bidet neo 120–You can get this too on Amazon or your local stores. It is pretty easy to attach to your toilet too and has a good splash of water. No electricity connection needed.

3. Carex 3.5 inch raised toilet seat–It gives you 3.5 inches height which is good for someone who just had a hip replacement or elderly people having trouble bending due to arthritis or other back pain complications.

4. Screw driver–This will screw everything into place.

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How to raise the height of a toilet that has a bidet system

  1. Remove the toilet seat
  2. Place the medline safety toilet rails into place
  3. Place the carex 3.5 inch raised toilet seat into place
  4. Place the luxe bidet neo 120 into place
  5. Align all.
  6. Place your toilet seat and screw everything up
  7. There you have it. Your bidet is now on a raised toilet seat.

If you are videos person, here is a video that gives you the step by step procedure you need to go through: