How to choose your toilet wiping aid

Morbidly obese people, disabled, elderly and those recovering from a hip surgery are going to face a challenge looking for the best wiping aid for their bums. And so, they will scour through the Internet looking for solutions since they do not have any at hand.

Not to worry, because here at hosiped blog, we have compiled a list of the things that one need to look into when selecting the best wiping aid.

So without further ado, let’s dig into what to look for:

  • Length of the toilet aid

The toileting tool that you pick needs to be long enough to reach.

These tools fit people who might find that their arms are too short to reach, disabled, obese or those who just got a hip replacement surgery.

All these classes of people need some extra length.

Well, the longest tool that gives you that much length that you are looking for has to be undoubtedly the freedom wand which can extend to 21 inches.

  • Gentleness

When wiping, you are dealing with a very tender part of your body. No one should forget this.

Go therefore for a wiping aid that is gentle to your thighs and bum cheeks.

Do not go for one that is going to be too invasive or so wide that it hurts you as you try to wipe.

The gentlest tool we have found is none other than the bottom buddy with its three pronged tulip like heads that are soft and will not hurt your perineum.

  • Efficacy

The toileting gadget that you choose need be effective and should do the job really well.

Out of all the aids that we have tried out at hosiped, we have found the bidet toilet aids to be the most efficacious and comfortable to use.

No bone needs be broken when wiping, right?

  • Versatility

The tool that you pick need to be versatile such that you can use it for wiping your bum as well as washing, applying ointment on those unreachable parts or even shaving.

We have found the freedom wand to be good in this aspect.

  • Comfort

Using the restroom should be a comfortable experience. For one, you go there to relieve your bowel or bladder and therefore feel comfort after being pressed for long.

The toilet therefore needs to have the state of the art facilities that are going to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

The toileting aid that you are looking for therefore needs to be as friendly as possible.

  • Cost friendly

While some people want to go for bidet toilet seats which ensure a superior clean while at the same time giving you comfort, not everyone can afford the different parts of the bidet toilet seat. And so what do they do, they have to go for a cheaper solution that is not so comfortable but at the same time does the job well.

So they might go for a bottom buddy which does not demand hundreds of bucks to buy.