How do Obese Poop

As a preface, please do not be grossed out. Obesity is an issue that plagues many and it isn’t easy to fix; but this article will give you some insight into how obese people can still poop without any trouble.

How do overweight people poop? It’s a question that we all have, but might be too embarrassed to ask.

For one, obese people will require a bathroom which is some feet wider that the average sized person. While doing their number two, it will take time to bend, lift up your fat rolls and poop. Then when wiping, it takes lots of effort, huffing and puffing to wipe yourself clean.

Some of the problems that obese people will have in regard to matters toileting include:

  • Constipation

In order for our bodies to digest food correctly, the digestive system has enzymes which break down fats in the intestines into fatty acids as well as bile from liver cells. The process is called “digestion”. But when there are more nutrients than what can be absorbed by these things such lightweighting of your gut lining- you will feel bloated and uncomfortable with hard bowel movements because it takes so much effort on behalf of the colon muscles (which run alongside each other) due this extra weight pressing against them together making it difficult or impossible for feces inside their body pass through properly resulting in constipation if left untreated.

  • Trouble wiping their butts

Obese people are going to face difficulty trying to reach their bottoms to wipe. They will find that their arms are rather too short to do the task.

If you are going through such kind of problems, you need to think of purchasing bottom wipers such as the bottom buddy or the freedom wand that we have found to be great for overweight people.

What these tools do is give you more hand extension so that you can reach your bum easily without having to exert yourself so much.

Check Out Alpha Jx Bidet toilet seat

If you do not want to use these toilet sticks, you could also think of using a bidet toilet seat that washes your bum once you are done. Of course installing one is expensive but people who have used bidet toilet seats say that they enjoy toileting more.

  • Trouble sitting on standard toilet seats

Obese people are going to find it hard to bend so low to use the standard toilet seats. They want some raised seats where they can reach comfortably without exerting too much pressure on themselves.

If they are too heavy, they would also require toilet seats that can support more weight such as the big John toilet seat for heavy people. You have probably read this story I gave about this fat person who broke our toilet seat and we had to look for a solution without making the person feel embarrassed about what they did.

  • Skidmarks even after wiping

The use of toilet paper has never been a good one for me. If you have been reading this blog, you probably by now know that I always advocate for using flushable wipes or washing your bum. Dry toilet paper is not something that I recommend to anyone because it never does the job really well.

For obese people, they will always have skidmarks and smell foul after toilet paper use. Toilet paper could also cause UTI, chaffing and anal fissures. You do not want this, do you?

According to research published on Pubmed, obese people are highly likely to battle with bowel incontinence as compared to everyone else.

Well, ditch the wipe and join the wash bum bandwagon that is enjoying their time and feeling fresh and clean after every bowel movement. You can do so by using these awesome bariatric bidet toilet seats.