Best toilet paper spray: Pristine as seen on Shark Tank

You might have watched this episode of SharkTank when Lori Greiner invested a cool $50K into this crazy pristine toilet paper spray product invented by two cousins Brandon Karam and Jessica Karam Oley, did you?

You must have wondered why a smart entrepreneur like Lori would invest into such a crazy, useless product.

Well, Lori had smelled the coffee and knew that this was a revolutionary product that would change bathroom hygiene for most Americans.

Now the worst thing that you are going to do to your butt is wiping it with dry toilet paper after a number 2(not unless you have toilet paper spray).

It is not that I have anything against any toilet paper company. No.

But I have seen UTIs, chaffing and anal fissures caused by this papers that we rely on to wipe our bums clean.

The truth is that they are never effective.

Cleaning your bum with toilet paper is similar to trying to wipe chocolate from a table using tissue paper.

All you end up doing is smearing the brown candy onto the table. You really need to use some water or any other liquid to wipe out the chocolate.

The Sun has listed a number of reasons why you should not use dry toilet paper all the way from UTIs, anal fissures and leaving you filthy even after a thorough wipe.

It is for this reason that I advise people to use wet wipes or wet washcloths. Better still, you can do it like the Muslims or even the Japanese and use a bidet.

No one ever got hurt for using a bidet! Actually, it has been shown that using a bidet helps people with hemorrhoids.

Some people however will say that wet wipes are not flushable and even those which claim to be so never do disintegrate when you try to flush them down your toilet.

So there is no earthly reason why you should knowingly block your sewer system with wipes that only end up clogging the system.

A study documented by Forbes showed that out of the 101 wet wipes tested, none passed the real flushability test and they would all go to clog your septic system.

Most people also do not entertain the idea of having a family cloth wiping their bum and then leaving the poppy washcloth in your laundry basket.

Lifehacker says that using the family cloth is unhygienic, uses lots of water and electricity to wash up the poopy clothes plus you cannot offer them to your guests since they would not entertain the idea.

Why You need to Buy the Pristine Toilet Paper Spray

pristine toilet tissue spray


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So comes another brilliant idea; the pristine toilet paper spray.

As the name suggests, the toilet tissue spray leaves your bum in a pristine condition. No skid marks, no smell, no embarrassments.

As presented on ABC’s Shark Tank by the Karam cousins, the pristine toilet paper spray indeed leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

How it works is that you first wipe your bum as you normally do, then fold some toilet paper nicely and spray 2 to 3 mists onto the folded paper. Once done that, you can go ahead and wipe your butt.

Contents of Pristine Toilet Tissue Spray

  • Aloe vera
  • Witch hazel
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Ylang ylang essential oil

But does the pristine toilet paper spray work as advertised. Well, we decided to buy a pack for our use at home so that we could know whether it did indeed work.

The results were amazing. The spray creates a lovely foam on my toilet paper and gives me this awesome soft wipe on my bums. The spray is gentle and does not cause any harshness on my bum.

I have used it also on my kids and they just love it now that they can wipe themselves clean without leaving skidmarks on their pants or carrying some bad odours from their behinds.

Pros of the pristine toilet tissue spray

  • 100% flushable. Your wet wipe will still easily disintegrate down your toilet
  • Hypoallergenic. You need not worry that it will irritate your bum skin
  • It leaves your bum fresh and clean. No more skid marks on your pants or briefs.
  • No need to worry that you will have any poop smell as you walk around. This protects you from a lot of shame.
  • Easily portable so that you could easily carry it with you as go for camping or any other excursion

Cons of pristine toilet paper spray

  • Too much use on low quality paper would make your tissue paper soggy and could have your fingers getting contaminated with the poop.

Another good alternative to dry toilet paper is using the bidet toilet seat that we have looked into here.