How to Wipe your bottom after hip replacement

One of the things that people who have just had a hip replacement struggle with is toilet hygiene. For one they will not be able to bend so much to reach the standard toilet height. While sitting at the toilet seat, they would need some toilet grab bars or rails to hold onto for stability. At the same time, they will not be able to reach their bums after a number two to wipe themselves clean.

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In this post though, we are going to look at home adaptations that one can take in order to maintain impeccable toilet hygiene even despite a hip surgery and replacement.

  1. Use of bidets and long butt wipers

After your hip replacement, you will find that you can’t reach to wipe bottom after visiting the washroom. It will be excruciatingly painful to do so and your doctor might actually warn you from doing it. So what do you? Do you go around the house with poopy skidmarks and a bad smell.


You can use bidets on your toilet or even go ahead to buy a bottom wiper.

bidet to use after hip surgery
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We have very good examples such as the bottom buddy, the freedom wand and the Sammons Preston toileting tongs.

Out of the three, I have found the freedom wand to be the best owing to its long handle and that it can be used for other things such as shaving, applying ointment or even for washing your back. Measuring 21 inches, the freedom wand allows you comfort and allows you to wipe your bum without the excruciating pain of having to try and reach your perineum.

freedom wand to wipe bottom after hip replacement
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  1. Best raised toilet seat after hip surgery

You will also need a raised toilet seat after your hip surgery so that you do not have to strain so much bending or squatting on the standard toilet seat. Well, we have found the PCP raised toilet seat riser with arms to be the best raised toilet seat after hip surgery.

best raised toilet seat after hip replacement
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And we have our reasons for this:

  • It gives you an extra 5 inches of toilet seat height so that you do not have to squat that much.
  • It has removable arms which you can grab onto as you do your toilet business without straining to keep balanced.
  • Made of sturdy durable material therefore giving you value for the money you buy it at.

Frequently Asked Questions about toilet hygiene after hip replacement

I was able to find some frequently asked questions about toileting while you have just had a hip surgery. I will try to answer them below.

How do you sit on the toilet after hip surgery?

For one, you will need a toilet seat riser  with arms so that when you sit, your knees are not higher than your hip when you sit. The arms are for holding onto for stability.

How can I make my toilet seat higher?

The best way to make your toilet seat higher is by getting a toilet seat riser, preferably one that will give you an extra 5″ of toilet seat height. Fixing the riser is not a big deal. All you need to do is place it on the toilet seat and screw into position anything that needs to be fixed.

Do I need a raised toilet seat after hip surgery?

Yes. You surely need a raised toilet seat after a hip surgery. There are some toilet risers that will raise your seat from 2 inches all the way to 5 inches. I would recommend that you get these that increase it by 5 inches so that you do not have to squat that much while emptying your bowels. It would also be good that they have arms so that you can hold onto them for body balance.

How to poop after hip surgery?

One common thing among people who have just had a hip surgery is constipation owing to the pain meds, diet and lack of exercise. We advise that you take lots of water, high fiber food and go for a bowel emptying anytime you feel the urge to do so.

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When pooping, hold onto the armrests on your raised toilet seat and do your business. If the poop is too hard, you might need to use stool softeners or laxatives but ask your doctor before buying any.

How do you go to the bathroom after hip surgery?

Most people who have had a hip surgery will be asked to use walkers  or clutches to move around the home. In your toilet, ensure that you have guard rails to hold onto so as to avoid falling. The toilet also need to have a seat riser.

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When you get to the toilet seat, do the following:

  1. Move backwards until you feel the toilet seat against your legs
  2. Stretch out the operated leg infront
  3. Place one arm onto the armrests
  4. Slowly lower your body to sit.

How high should toilet seat be after hip replacement?

Standard toilet seats measure 17″. For a person who have just had a hip replacement, I would recommend that they go for a riser that raises the toilet to 23″. This way the person does not squat that much while using the toilet.

Do you need a raised toilet seat after hip surgery?

Yes, you surely need a raised toilet seat after hip surgery. A raised toilet seat will allow you to relieve yourself without squatting that much and therefore makes toileting a less excruciatingly painful process.

toilet hygiene after hip surgery

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