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The Best 2 inch toilet seat risers for People on Wheelchairs or Limited in Mobility

After my 85 year old grandmother had her back surgery, the doctor advised that she needs to stop using our normal toilet and to at least get a 2 inch toilet seat riser that would make it easier for her to use the toilet without the excruciating pain that would come with too much bending.  She would also need a device to help her wipe her bottom after using the toilet. As I was researching on where to get these extra 2 inches, I found out that my grandma’s case was not an isolated one. So many people are today looking for just a few inches of height to raise their toilet seats. It could be that they have just had a knee replacement, hip replacement or like my grandma–a  back surgery.

In this article therefore, I will closely compare the different 2 inch toilet seat risers that are available online. For those who would like more inches to their toilet, they could look at this post.

Maddak Tall-Ette 2 inch Elevated Toilet Seat

maddak ette 2 inch toilet seat riser

After looking at all the available options on amazon, I ended up with the Maddak Tall Ette for the following reasons:

  • The seat has a contoured surface which makes sitting on it a comfortable thing as you relieve yourself
  • Easy to install since all you need to do is slip it into your toilet sit where it holds on securely
  • My grandma uses an elongated toilet which this elevated seat can be used for.
  • Durable material therefore delivering value for my money
  • The seat supports upto 300lbs. My grandma is a little bit weight and so this proved to be an ideal choice

Other elevated toilet seats that are available on amazon include:

Drive Medical 2″ Standard Seat

This has been said to be the best seat for people who are on the wheelchair since transferring them onto it is quite easy while offering a good height for the patient to relieve themselves without too much strain.

Drive medical has been said to be a good manufacturer for caregiving products and is therefore a worthy try. Some of the features of their 2 inch toilet seat riser include the following:

  • Can support a weight capacity of upto 420 lbs and therefore ideal even for those who are extremely obese
  • Easy to install with a secure fix that holds onto the toilet seat
  • Has two hygiene cutouts therefore offering maximum convenience
  • Made of hardened plastic therefore very lightweight and portable
  • Great for people on wheelchairs since it is easy to move them onto it and offer them convenience while doing their thing

Maxi-Aids Tall Ette 2 inch toilet seat riser

2 inch toilet raised seat by maxi-aids

Probably, an imitation of the Tall Ette by Maddak, the Maxi-aids comes contoured and with an easy installation process. Other features include

  • Works with standard sized toilets
  • Supports upto 300lbs weight

One thing that I did not like about the raised toilet seat by Maxi-aids is that the toilet opening is rather too small and you could therefore mess on top of it  or even on your thighs requiring lots of cleaning.

Sammons Preston Homecraft Savannah 2 inch Toilet Seat Riser with Lid

The Sammons Preston 2 inch toilet riser comes with a lid. Other selling keypoints of this Sammons Preston seat riser include:

  • Made of lightweight plastic material that makes it very portable
  • Weight capacity of upto 420lbs
  • Slopes gently towards the front therefore making getting on and off an easy thing

Bemis Medic Aid 2 inch Raised Toilet Seat

cool 2" toilet seat riser

Probably the coolest and easiest design that you will ever come across, the Bemis just like all the other seats that we have reviewed will also add 2 very much needed inches to your toilet so that you can use it with ease and comfort.

Features of the product that we found notable include:

  • Fits all forms of elongated toilets
  • Fits snugly into the toilet with no wiggly activity
  • Easy to clean plastic material
  • Very portable.