Feminine Hygiene for Elderly

It is heartbreaking when you hear comments like “My granny has old people smell.” Most people think that elderly women are dirty and unhygienic. Understand with age performing some tasks becomes daunting but there are ways to greatly improve hygiene, self-care and get them more comfortable. Being able to attend to their own toileting needs gives a senior a great sense of relief and self confidence. Some products allow them to live a fuller life while others help in day to day activities.

 By finding ways to incorporate these products, feminine hygiene for elderly is better at home or on the move. Toileting hygiene products are in different categories: some are used in the toilet, bathroom and are essential to easing life for both the aged and caregivers.

With the numerous options in the market there are some considerations when purchasing hygiene products for aged

  • Functionality – Basically, guarantee you purchase stuff that suit the purpose of purchase and is comfortable. Sometimes complicated designs and tech make innovations difficult and impractical for elders
  • Style – some people think that senior citizens do not possess style but this is far from the truth. Ensure that everything blends with the personal style of the person at home or in the facilities.
  • Durability – good quality, simple but strong products especially for non-disposable everyday products.
  • Sensitivity- always use mild products because of the sensitive nature of their skin. Harsh products may damage sensitive skin

To improve the quality of life and hygiene for elderly, we recommend the following hygiene products for use by women:

  • Adult diapers

As women age their muscles become loose and weaken. Incontinence is a major problem for elderly people. Some people suffer from urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence or even both. Sadly women form a higher percentage of this statistics.

What can be done to manage elderly incontinence for elderly women? While there are absorbent underwear you can use, adult diapers for elderly are highly absorbent, available in different fits and thickness. They also prevent odors by locking any moisture inside. They are the best to ensure no leaks when you are away from home and you need confidence that any leak is taken care of.

  • Wiping aids

Toileting wiping aids restore some dignity while using the bathroom. It can get very uncomfortable to have someone else wiping your butt if you are disabled or have back problems. To use aids like bottom buddy you unroll tissue and attach it to the head direct it to your bottom and wipe yourself. They are easy to use and have long handles so that you don’t touch poop. You can also attach wet wipes for a super clean feel. By having a special bag you can carry your wiping aid around for freedom at home or away.

  • Toilet seat raiser

It is difficult for elderly people to use the toilet due to weak muscles. Toilet seat risers reduce the pressure on the legs and effort needed to use a toilet. They are made of strong plastic material that is durable, cleans easily and fits your current toilet.  They have added features like lids for covering toilet. Toilet seat raisers with arms attached allow support and prevent falling episodes. These are used to raise the toilet to a good level.

  • Toilet paper moisteners

Moist toilet paper is fantastic as it is flushable and doesn’t clog pipes. Moisten toilet paper using foam, commercial toilet paper moisteners or sprays. People often complain of pain and cracks after pooping. The moisteners prevent cracking and chaffing of the anus. It also helps prevent itching and keeps infections at bay.  Toilet paper moisteners make management of hemorrhoids as you can also apply ointments after going for your number 2.

Sitz Baths

If your elderly is having hemorrhoids, anal fissures or chaffing on their butts, then it is high time you thought about getting them a soothic sitz bath that will make their bottoms soothed and less painful.

  • Wipes

Wet wipes are one of the greatest inventions in hygiene. The conveniently sized wipes come in many sizes and comfortably fit in purse or bag. Wet wipes can be used at home or out when you are travelling. Wet butt wipes for elderly ensure you get a clean fresh feel which doesn’t come with using toilet paper. They come in handy when you need to freshen up, wipe your face or wipe hands. Cleaning messy surface with antibacterial wet wipes removes dirt and germs to prevent diseases

  • Bidet toilet seat

Many people sneer at the thought of a bidet. However a bidet can be used with or in place of toilet paper. Position yourself in the path of the water jet after your business. Use water temperature you are comfortable with. After cleaning with bidet many elderly women liken the feeling to showering. According to rectal specialists bidets are the best because toilet paper may be aggressive when wiping and can cause irritation

  • Padded toilet seats

These provide soft padding and cushion that allows elders to sit on toilet comfortably. The vinyl material is best and easy to clean by wiping.  However the material used is questionable as it may absorb urine causing germs and bacteria if it is worn out.

  • Commodes

Commodes are great especially for elderly people with limb problems or handicapped.  It can be used with a bucket or bed pan. They assist a person relieve themselves in a seating position hence distributing any pressure on the limbs for being in one position. A commode also helps if the level of the toilet is uncomfortably low for elderly. Thick Commode cushions are added to increase comfort in case of hip problems or severe back issues.

  • Bedpans

These are useful for elderly people who are bedridden, handicapped or injured and have difficulty moving to the restroom. Bedpans are easy to use at night even alone when the caregiver is absent and are easy to clean.

  • Bath brushes with handles

Soft shower sponges and brushes with handle are great for a super bath experience. Elderly women and men have challenges reaching their backs, legs and groin area. The hard to reach areas need to be attended to with soap and water for maximum hygiene. Long handled shower brushes are hung to dry and the sponge is replaceable. Soft Shower sponges can also be used with warm water to give bed baths to elders in bed

  • Soap and oil

Cleaning with mild soap and water is the best for skin. Always keep the skin hydrated using oil or lotion to prevent dryness. Some conditions require ointments or pain relieving gels are applied on joints and skin. 

  • Protection mats

Water proof floor mats are great for protecting floors; some have anti slip feature to prevent falling on the floor. There are also protective bed mats that cover the mattress and are useful especially for bedridden elderly for baths. Incontinence mattress protectors give mattress protection from urine blood and fecal matter.

Ensure you clean surfaces frequently as a caregiver to prevent infections. When cleaning sensitive areas like toilets and toileting aids use disinfectant and sanitizers. Frequently dust surface s and wash bed linen with detergent and antiseptic to remove bad smells. You will be happy making elderly people live comfortably.