Best leak proof overnight diapers for adults

Working with the aged in a senior’s facility, I have come to realize that urinary incontinence is one of the major things that cause low self esteem in aged people. According to the National Association for Continence, about 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence that is caused by age, obesity or other forms of medical conditions.

While most people, especially men, cringe at the thought of wearing incontinence products, they do not want to be caught with wet clothes in the morning after they urinated on themselves. So the best way to battle the problem as a caregiver is to find discrete incontinence products that will maximally absorb any pee that the elderly lets out while at the same time upholding their dignity.

In this post, we are going to look at the best leak proof overnight diapers for adults that you could buy. While selecting the best overnight incontinence diapers for adults, you need to select those that offer maximum absorbency, are discrete and not too bulky.

Considerations when buying overnight diapers for adults


The makers of tranquility diapers use a very smart concept called C.U.P (capacity under pressure). Rather than just test the absorption of their diapers by just wetting them and seeing how much the diaper can absorb without leaking, the guys at tranquility check out how much the diaper can absorb and retain when one is sitting or driving. This way, you are assured that the diaper will retain all the moisture even when worn without giving you a bulky sagging look.


One of the major causes of a diaper leak is when it does not snugly fit. This mostly happens to men who will only check the waist circumference of an adult diaper and go ahead to buy it. What they fail to check out is the leg circumference where the leak happens. If you have thin legs, you are sure to get a diaper leak and so you should always check to see how big the circumference of the leg is.

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Odor reduction

An adult diaper with high absorbency rate will also have a good odor reduction. No adult want some incontinent product that will reduce them to a urine smelling old man or woman, do they?

Non skin irritant

No adult in their right mind would want an incontinence diaper that would cause skin irritation so that they will get itching everytime they wear it. At the same time, the diaper should not be flaky so that some of the absorbent material remains on their skin after they remove it.

Pull up vs adjustable diapers

While most adults would consider pull up diapers, others who do not find a right fit for them should use the traditional adjustable diapers. The good thing about pull-ups is that they resemble underwears and so the adult would feel as though they are wearing nothing but a regular underwear.