Survival guide after hip replacement

There are a lot of movement restrictions that your surgeon will give you after a hip replacement surgery. All these restrictions are to help you heal faster while at the same time making the recovery a painless process. You will also be asked to get some assisted living products that are going to help you in the recovery journey.

In this post, we look at some of the things to ensure you have in your home after a hip replacement surgery. For this reason, we are calling this blog post, a survival guide or hack for people who have undergone the operation and are trying to recover from home. Let’s get into the meat of the post:

  • Grab bars in toilet as well as skid proof floor-mats

You will need to install safety grab bars in your bathroom so that you can walk safely in and out without fearing a fall. Talking of a fall, the standard bathroom tiles when wet are really dangerous. And you do not want to even think of falling after a hip replacement surgery, do you? Well, you need to get some skid proof bathroom mats that will ensure you do not fall.

  • Toilet seat riser

After a hip replacement surgery, toileting is never the same again. Not unless you want to dislocate your hip and go back to the operation table. I bet you do not want something like that, do you? Well, adaptive living experts advise that you get a raised toilet seat that is going to ensure that your hip is way above your knees.

A physiotherapist at our centre advises that the hip to knee angle should always be at least 90 degrees. Nothing less. To have this, you need to make sure that you add at least 2 inches to your standard toilet seat. Fortunately, you can get these toilet seat lifts from online stores such as amazon and caregiverproducts.

  • Padded seats after your hip surgery

You will also want a padded raised chair so that it does not become excruciatingly painful when you try to seat. Well, there are these padded cushion seats for people who have undergone hip replacement that can be found from Amazon.

  • Reacher grabbers

You will want something that will enable reach for things with ease. Say for example that you have dropped your car keys under the table and you want to get it. Now, your physiotherapist will have advised you that you should not bend within the first few weeks after surgery. So what do you do? Have some pick up tools for disabled.

They are popularly called reacher grabbers and the cool thing is that you do not really have to buy one. You could as well make one for yourself using this DIY guide

  • Walkers, wheelchairs and canes

Immediately after the hip replacement surgery, doctors will advise you to get a wheelchair to move around. As you recover, you could use walkers and canes to walk around. And then when you are fully recovered, you can get back to your normal walking without any assistance.

You will therefore need to get yourself these walkers, wheelchairs and canes from your local store or even borrow them from a friend if you know anyone who had them and are not putting them to use.

  • Wiping aids and bidet toilet seats          

Wiping your bum after a hip replacement may prove to be a tall order. You will find that anytime you arch your body trying to get your hand around your perineum, pain shoots through your body like needle jabs. So what should you do? Well, you need to get these wiping aids that add some extra inches to how much you are able to reach your bum.

At the same time, you could use some bidet toilet seats. The good thing with bidet toilet seats is that you will no longer have to use toilet paper and will always be fresh and clean as you get out of that toilet door. We have reviewed a good number of bidet toilet seats that have warm seats so that you could use them even in the coldest of weathers, have warm air dryers and you could regulate the pressure of the water washing you up.