Best Hip Replacement Cushions That Money Could Buy

      “Please desist from crossing your legs at any given time!”

These are familiar words if you have had hip replacement surgery or taken care of someone who has had it. There are many other instructions that hip replacement patients receive, which they have to follow for positive outcomes.

Over the years in my role as a caregiver, I have come to learn the importance of these instructions. They could be the difference between a successful hip replacement and a failed one.

Hip Surgery CushionFeaturesPurchase
Post-Hip Surgery Cushion – 6″
post hip replacement cushion chair
-6 inches high density cushion
-Good waterproof in case you are incontinent
-Safety tie to fasten to chair
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Lumex Everyday Hip Chair
-Firm pads
-Adjustable footrest so that you can be as comfortable as possible.
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Drive Medical Deluxe Hip High Chair
-Well padded with contoured armrestsCheck Price on Amazon

I see patients every day facing a myriad of challenges, especially when it comes to sitting. Among these challenges is that they cannot lean forward when sitting. This means that they cannot even reach for something. They cannot cross their legs at any time or put their hips at the same level as the knees. The hips always have to be higher than the knees.

These restrictions reduce the sense of independence for formerly simple tasks. The patients will have to use raised toilet seats and bathe in sitting positions.

What to Consider When Buying the best Hip Replacement Cushions

Sometimes, the word ‘hip replacement’ makes people cringe. There is the fear of sabotaging the whole operation by a simple mistake, such as the adoption of a wrong sitting position. I want to assure you that this is a reasonable fear. It does not have to be the case with the use of hip replacement cushions and seats. Ever since I began the use of hip replacement cushions for my patients, I have realized that they are more comfortable and less stationary as opposed to previous instances without them. However, one should not order any hip replacement cushion.

I will enlighten you on the factors to consider before the acquisition of these essential items in the recovery journey of a hip replacement patient.

  1. Thickness of the cushion

The height or thickness of the cushion is one crucial factor to consider. This should be in alignment with the height of the patient. You do not want to end up with a cushion where the patient cannot touch the ground with their feet after sitting on the cushion. This would lead to numbing, which is quite unsettling for any patient that has come from hip replacement surgery. They will also find it hard to rise from chairs as they are afraid of stepping onto the ground too hard.

  1. Type of chair you are using

The other consideration is the type of chair that you want to use with the cushion. Is it an ordinary home chair, wheelchair, high chair, or all-purpose? This will help in the determination of the height of the chair.

  1. Density of the cushion

Last but not least, consider the density or simply the hardness of the cushion. It beats logic to have a hip replacement patient sitting on an uncomfortable hard cushion, yet the intention is for them to recover as soon as possible. Therefore, the purchase of a relatively comfortable and soft cushion would have a better outcome for the patient.

Best Hip Replacement Cushions Reviewed

This post will also review some of the hip replacement cushions available for sale to ensure that you get the best cushion.

  1. Post-Hip Surgery Cushion – 6″
post hip replacement cushion chair

The first cushion is the six-inch high-density post-hip surgery cushion. The cushion is for use with all types of chairs, including wheelchairs. It ensures that the recovering patient can keep legs straighter and have an easy time while rising. Caregivers do not have to worry about incontinent recovering patients as the cushion has a wipe-clean vinyl cover that is incontinent proof. It also has a safety tie, which keeps it secured to the chair, enhancing comfortability.

People who have used this cushion state that it is as hard as a rock and, therefore, quite uncomfortable for recovering patients. The fact that it is six-inch also makes it unusable with most chairs as it is too high.

  1. Lumex Everyday Hip Chair

People who have had hip replacement surgery want a seat to reduce the amount of stress and fatigue on their joints when they are sitting or standing up from the chair. This is just the ideal chair to purchase. It has firm pads on the seat and at the back, which enhances comfortability even when sitting for long durations. The chair has an adjustable footrest meaning that the patient can adjust it to their level of comfortability. Nevertheless, there are concerns that this chair is quite small in terms of the height and the depth, even for ordinary-sized people.

  1. Drive Medical Deluxe Hip High Chair

With its comfortably padded seat and contoured armrests, this chair ensures that a hip replacement patient will not have to bend their hip, which could ruin the entire point of having the replacement. Before purchasing this, it is essential to note that it needs assembly. People who have used this product complain of the misalignment of some screw holes which consume so much time during assembly. The armrests are also hard plastic, which may be a bit uncomfortable as opposed to padded ones.

  1. Hip Chair, APEX(TM) Premium

How would you like a chair that can be used anywhere in the house from the bedroom to the kitchen to the shower? This chair is perfectly fitted with nonabsorbent padding and an adjustable rustproof chassis, which makes it ideal for use in the bathroom. It is easy to clean, and the adjustable feature makes it easy to customize the chair according to the height of the patient. It has quite a soft padding that enhances comfortability and ease of seat entry and exit, making unnecessary hip flexion a thing of the past.

  1. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo 

The best thing about this product is that it comes in twos- a seat and a back cushion to offer the necessary support for the alleviation of pain in most acute areas. These cushions absorb the heat released by the body while in use due to the hypoallergenic giving that relaxed feeling. It is also easy to put the back cushion in place as it has some adjustable straps.

Customers who have used this product however, complain that it is not appropriate for people with plus size butts as it is too small. Please note that the seat cushion does not have the adjustable straps to keep it in place and may, therefore, move about reducing the level of comfort while in use primarily for hip replacement patients.

  1. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

One of the exciting features of this cushion is its portability. It can serve to relieve pressure on the tailbone, which translates to reduced back pain or even helps in spinal alignment. As a caregiver, I have recommended this cushion to people with patients who wish to go back to work or drive after the hip replacement to ensure that they do not put too much pressure even after the healing time elapses. The recommendations have come in handy as they praise its portability and its ease of cleaning. However, there have been constant complaints about its durability. The cushion flattens quite quickly, and the individual sitting on it can feel the seat once again.

  1. Hermell Supportive Hip Cushion

Getting in and out of chairs and sofas can be quite a nightmare for people who have just had hip replacement surgery. Well, this is not the case with the Hermell supportive hip cushion. It has worked like a charm for most of the patients that I take care of first due to its height. This cushion adds about six inches to the chair’s height, which makes it easier for patients to get in and out. The feature that I like most about it is its slippage preventing ties that prevent the annoying slippage that other cushions have. It is also covered in washable nylon ripstop fabric cover, which means that caregivers do not have to worry about spills, dirt, or even incontinent.

  1. EagleHealth Hip Shower Chair

Shower time for people who have had hip replacement surgery may present nightmares. It is often hard and unsafe, as they can easily slip. However, with this EagleHealth hip shower chair, this is no longer the case. A hip replacement patient can sit comfortably and get in and out of the shower safely. This chair’s height is adjustable, which means that your comfort is in your hands, the seat and back are also comfortable, and it is made from rustproof material, meaning no problem getting it all wet. You might want to note that the chair needs assembly, although it is tool-free. People who have used the chair indicate that it is ideal for taller people.

  1. Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Pompeii Tufted Seat Cushions

These cushions come in sets of two and provide a soft spongy surface for people to sit on indoors or outdoors. They are also excellent cushions as they are fade resistant and, therefore, appropriate for simple outdoor and indoor décor in a place where individuals have had hip replacement surgeries. However, despite their beauty, they are spongy and not water-resistant, meaning that anytime it rains, they have to be brought inside, cumbersome. Additionally, their lack of water résistance makes them inappropriate for incontinent people or could easily splash some dirt on the cushions.

Wrap up on the best Hip Replacement Cushions That you can get online

Well, now we all know that having a hip replacement surgery and maintaining a patient is not that hard. The instruction to desist from crossing one’s legs is only momentary. Following the afore laid precautions ensures maximum comfortability. The purchase of the right hip replacement cushions and chairs reduces riskiness and speeds up the recovery process.