Reviewing the Unger Grabber Tool: Best Reacher Tool at Amazon

As age comes, mobility and dexterity fade away. Aged people have a challenge getting things that are either on the ground or way up high. And it is not just aged people; short and obese people will also battle with this challenge. They will therefore need pick up tools that make this a neat and easy peasy task. We reviewed some of the best reacher grabbers on Amazon and found out that the unger grabber tool was not only the longest but was also the most ergonomic, durable and uniquely designed with magnetic force so that it can pick up even the tiniest of metals from the ground or way up high.

Reacher grabber tools help people in yard cleaning, at your local stores to help people pick things and could also be used for waste management to pick far off plastics or dump papers. They usually have a long stick with a handle on one edge with the other is fitted with jaws that pick up what you want them to pick. Great for people with disabilities, they can also be used by Parkinson’s patients as well as elder-lies who might find it hard to stoop to pick up things on the ground or get those that are placed high on shelves.

Unger Grabber Tool: Best in the Pack

unger grabber tool

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While choosing the best reacher grabber for elderly people at the hospice where I work in, I was excited by the following features of the Unger professional grabber:

Features of the Unger Professional Grabbing tool

  • Measures 36” and you are therefore assured that you have extra hand extension to pick things from very far away. With 36 inches of extension, you do not have to use a ladder or stool to get things high on the shelves. At the same time, you do not have to bother your small ones telling them to fetch for you things under the table or under the sofa since you will use the extension reacher.
  • It has strong grip made of powerful jaws that will pick up anything that you want. The jaws are controlled by a trigger that is right next to you on the part where you hold it.
  • It has magnetic fitting so that it can pick metallic objects such as keys and needles on the ground.
  • The aluminum pole that makes up the tool is lightweight so you do not have to feel that extra weight.
  • The grippers have rubber tips so that you can pick up things such as plastic without much struggle.


  • There are two sets to choose from: the 36” and the 48” depending on your extension needs. Both offer good extension for you.
  • The unger grabber is extra light so that you do not have to worry about picking with it
  • Offers tight grip to hold bottles and cans
  • Magnetic fitting allows you to pick keys and other magnetic objects.
  • The tool is rather feeble and will not be durable for a long time.

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