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Sitz Bath UK Guide

If you are looking for the best sitz bath in the United Kingdom, then you need not worry because in this post, we have reviewed the top sitz bath available on amazon UK advising you on the choice to make. Without further ado, let us get into the nitty gritty of our review. Our reviewers have used each of the sitz baths that we talk about and also used testimonials from other people who have used them to come up with our review. We delve to provide you with the best information so that you can go ahead and make an informed decision.

Douper sitz bath—best in the UK


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We can never talk about the most comfortable sitz baths in the UK without mentioning the Douper sitz bath. It is by far the best thing that we found in the market. Large, sturdy and smooth, the Douper will prove to be a great soothing aid for people battling with hemorrhoids, episiotomy or have undergone a hemorrhoidectomy.

It can fit your standard toilet seat or even commode chair since it measures 16 by 12 by 6 inches. Once filled with water, the excess will overflow in the uniquely designed hole at the top therefore you will not wet your washroom floor.

When taking your sitz bath, make sure that the water is luke-warm such that it does not scald your skin. You can do so by checking the temperature by touching it with the back of your wrist.

What could do with some improvement?

For obese people in the UK, this might not be the best sitz bath that they can find online. With those measurements of 16”x12”x6” a big person might feel uncomfortable and will therefore have to look for a bigger basin that offers more space.

WUHX sitz bath with a flusher

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The WUHX also caught our eyes when they said that it has its flusher. And indeed after buying and trying it out, we found that it does have one. Just like the Douper, it comes with some drain holes at the top to prevent wetting of your floor when there is an overflow of water.

It measures 15” by 14” by 5” meaning that it is a bit smaller than the Douper and therefore would again not be a good fit for extra-large people.

The WUHX is a good pick for people who are having trouble wiping their bums after a bowel movement which could be caused by their morbid obesity or anal fissures that cause pain when wiping with toilet paper. It comes with a free bidet.

Mitbuty portable sitz bath

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Another good must-have for people who are having diarrhea, constipation or itching around the genitals. Again, what we did not like is that it was small and would not be a good fit for overly fat people. It measures 15” by 14” by 6”. Again we did not like the fact that it does not come with a drain hole like the good old Douper sitz bath.

Easy Bravo sitz bath

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Measuring 40 x 36 x 14.5 centimeters, the EasyBravo is another good pick for pregnant mothers and those who have just delivered and are looking for something to relieve the pain around their genitals. It is very smooth to the touch and therefore very comfortable on your butt without you feeling as though it is cutting into your flesh.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sitz baths in the UK

 What is a sitz bath UK?

A sitz bath is a warm bath on the perineum that soothes you off pain caused by hemorrhoids, episiotomy, diarrhea and itching. The word sitz bath can also be used to define the basin which you use to take this kind of a bath.

Where to buy sitz bath uk

You can buy your sitz bath online at Amazon UK or Walmart, Ebay or Target.

What to put in a sitz bath

You can put epsom salt, witch hazel, aloe vera or any other soothing ingredient that your doctor has advised you about.

How do sitz baths help?

Sitz baths help relieve pain, genital itching and also help you heal your hemorrhoids.